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Ready Player One Film Adaption Announced

Ready Player One is finally coming to the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s adaption of the novel. The OASIS is a virtual reality wonderland that is saturated with all the love and galore of the rocking 80s. The movie, of course, isn’t coming out until March 30th but was a huge part of the EW’s Comic-Con preview.

The presentation did show the first glimpse at Tye Sheridan who plays Parzival in the movie and is using his haptic gloves and VR visor to become immersed in a realm of TV shows, movies, cartoons, and comic books that come from the good old days. Helping to make life in 2045 just a little more bearable day to day.

The work Spielberg is doing is helping to define the era for his adaptation of the popular book by Earnest Cline, even to the point where Spielberg is putting aside his own taste for filmography. Cline even stated he would never have become a writer if he had had not grown up on a steady diet of movies made by Steven Spielberg. The author even went on to explain how the work from the infamous Spielberg directly influenced the type of narrative he took with his story. Even to the point where the author has to see Spielberg directing the film adaption of the novel.

The basic premise is there is excess wealth in the world, but the majority of people don’t have it. They are only able to escape their existence through a virtual reality simulation that has been created by James Halliday, played by the Oscar-winner actor Mark Rylance. James shed off his mortal coil but left behind one final game for the million of users to have access to. Whoever is able to solve series of the pop-culture based quest will win OASIS and the parent company connected to the game, Gregarious Games.