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Wengie’s No School Routine Hides Roots and Oily Locks In Stylish Way

We’ve all been there—oily AF hair and nasty roots all over your beautiful head. Well, YouTube’s super glam goddess Wengie has the simple, effective solutions that are a must-see.

Let’s tune in, ladies:

Wengie begins with her face, applying primer for that airbrushed look. Next, she puts on a matte foundation with a foundation brush to buff it out. Concealer is your BFF, because you can create amazing cheekbones and luminous features. Next, she takes a brow pencil to fill in those sparse areas to define shape. Wengie likes a brow mascara to tint brows and to keep the hairs up.

A sexy, subtle eye is next. Wengie applies a light base color all over lids and then follows with a cool contour along the crease into a slight wing. After, she adds a contour shade in the crease and blends out. She uses darkest contour shade to outer v. Then she highlights lids and brow bone and finally, applies cool contour shade along outer half of lower lash line.

A dark liquid pen liner elongates her cat-eye. She curls lashes and then adds her Tiny Minx fauxs. You can also pencil in lower faux lashes and define them with liner.

Wengie adds contour along the jaw and under cheekbones, etc., to create a slimmer face.

For lips, Wengie uses a pink liner and then lip gloss for a full effect.

For hair, use a boar brush to smooth out and dispense healthy oils. Wengie then sprays dry shampoo along roots and straightens her hair for fullness.

Wengie puts her hair behind the ears, leaving a little face-framing fringe in front. Toss on a cool baseball cap, and roots are gone!

For fashion, Wengie suggests a cropped black hoodie, high-waisted vintage-wash jeans, a choker and high-tops in gold.