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Unroll Me Makes Its Disclosure Statement More Transparent


Email management provider, Unroll Me offers its users free service to manage unwanted emails. Slice Technologies gained the company in November 2014 providing services in the United States and global countries. The company makes money selling data of it users without disclosing their personal information. came under scrutiny in 2017 and vowed to make its privacy policy and disclosure statement transparent to all clients.


Some consumers were unaware of this because they didn’t read the disclosure. The company stopped providing services in Europe after GDPR passed a new data protection law, as of May 23rd, 2018. Unroll Me informs users they may collect, disclose, transfer, use, and sell data while protecting their personal information. It is the company’s business model to generate revenue by building unidentified market research services and products.


The way it works is Unroll Me eliminates unwanted emails and keeps the wanted ones using rollup services. Rollup users can organize and prioritize their Inbox mail through automatic categorization. The company uses G Suite, Google Analytics, and WordPress technology products and services. When the app was first released, it was compatible to IOS, and in 2017 is on Android. The app receives over 27,000 downloads on a monthly basis and uses approximately 30 technologies on its site.


The application is simple to use requiring users to swipe right to keep mail in the Inbox and swipe left to unsubscribe. To add newsletters to “Roll-Up”, the user has to swipe upward. The service offers a daily summary report of kept emails. Unroll Me ensures users’ personal information are safe under the privacy laws in the US and other international countries. The company plans to re-enter the market in the United Kingdom after they meet all criteria under the new GDPR law. See This Page to learn more.


Jojo Hedaya serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Josh Rosenwald serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Unroll Me. They are co-founders and leaders of the business and jointly oversees its operations. The executives are rectifying complaints pertaining to selling users’ information and proper disclosure. They are doing everything possible to make their privacy policy transparent to all users.


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Jojo Hedaya Contributions To The Email Service


Email is a service that has been used for more than two years now. It came to replace the old method of sending letters through the post office where most of the time, the letters did not reach their destinations due to slight mistakes such as filling in the incorrect postal address. It is a very efficient way to send official documents such as application letters to jobs and so much more. Through the email, someone is sure that their emails have reached their recipients by simply ensuring that they have been notified that their email has been sent.

However, the email faces a lot of challenges especially when the spam emails fill up the email inbox. This gives users a difficult time to go through all their important emails which makes it hectic read important emails. The Unroll.Me App came to save a lot of email users from unwanted emails. Read This Article for related information.

Jojo Hedaya is the proud co-founder of the Unroll.Me and has served the company as the CEO. The idea of starting of starting up the app came up while he was going through his emails. His friend and he were working on a project that had just failed to push through and was looking for another project to work on.

Jojo Hedaya had a blackberry phone that could be able to send and receive emails. He was disturbed by the way his email inbox was constantly filled up with unwanted emails which made it difficult for him to access important emails. Jojo Hedaya had the idea of developing an App that could be able to filter spam emails to make it easy for him to access his important emails.

This was the birth of the Unroll.Me App which has been the solution to the problems in accessing emails. The App is also very fast in scanning email messages which makes it an efficient App to use. Jojo Hedaya stated that Unroll me is now competing with great email Apps such as Gmail. Together with his team, they are working on new ideas to make the services even better and have the vision of making Unroll.Me App to be the best email App in the App store.


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Stop The Clutter That Comes In Your Email Inbox With Unroll Me


Getting emails about different sales and various types of events can be quite annoying. You can find yourself checking and deleting a ton of email that is completely irrelevant to you. People that have this problem should look into email unsubscription services like Unroll Me. This is going to be one of the most useful email management concepts around.

The Unroll service is designed to help you stop all of the junk mail that comes in your Inbox. It can be a real hassle to constantly find yourself with an inbox that is filled with messages that you are not going to read anyway. This is a free service, and you have the ability to stop it at any time. You want to get a good understanding of how the service works before you get started, but most people that have signed up are very impressed with it.

You would never be able to stop all of the emails that you have in your Inbox without having some help. What unroll me does is put you in a position where you take control of your email Inbox again. You have the ability to cut out all of those newsletters and subscription services that you never subscribed to. That is the good thing about getting with Unroll Me. Find Additional Information Here.

Some of the best decisions that you can make comes with finding things that can help you maximize your time. This is definitely what companies like Unroll Me are doing. It is giving you the ability to maximize your space and make your Inbox a lot cleaner. You do not have to wait and take so much time to try and clean it up.

The trouble with junk mail is that you often throw a lot of the important email away in the mix when you have all of these spam and junk mail messages flying through. This is yet another reason why you need unroll me to help you sort out those things that are not pertaining to anything you need. It is good to have a service like this because it can give you a helping hand for getting rid of all the unwanted subscriptions.


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