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Michael Lacey’s Achievements in the Field of Mathematics

Michael Lacey is a prominent mathematician who currently holds the position of professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Professor Lacey is the recipient of numerous awards in the field of mathematics and mathematical theory.

Michael Lacey began his career at the University of Texas where he received a bachelors in science in 1981. From there, Michael Lacey moved on to complete his Ph.D work at the University of Illinois in 1987 under the mentorship of Walter Philipp.

Upon the completion of his doctoral studies, Michael Lacey took up his first teaching position at the University of North Carolina. He remained in that position until 1989 when he moved on to Indiana University. In 1996, Professor Lacey began his association with the Georgia Institute of Technology becoming a full professor in 2001. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Professor Lacey has received a number of prestigious awards for his contributions to mathematics. In 1997, he was awarded the Prix Salem. In 2004, Professor Lacey was named as a Guggenheim Fellow.

A maximum of four mathematicians receive this recognition each year. In 2013, Professor Lacey was named an American Mathematical Society Fellow. He received this recognition due to his mathematical discoveries and his distinguished career as a professor.  Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Professor Lacey has published a number of highly-regarded articles in journals dedicated to mathematical theory. Professor Lacey’s work has appeared in publications such as the Journal of Analytical Mathematics and the Journal of the London Mathematical Society.

Many areas of mathematics are of interest to the professor. He is currently working on issues in probability theory. In the past, Professor Lacey has investigated the central limit theorem and the Hilbert transform.

In addition to his research activities, Professor Lacey is actively engaged in teaching and mentoring students. He has served as a mentor to ten postdoctoral students, and many of his doctoral students have gone on to become professors at prestigious educational institutions.

You Think You’re Pretty Smart, Don’t You?

Yeah, so? Can you do this? HA! I didn’t think so. Big deal, so you have a throne at the head of a Mensa: SO? Big whoop, So do I! Guggenheim and Simons Foundation awards? Pfft! Who doesn’t have one of those? A Ph.D.? Oooo! I could get ten of those if I wanted to; who couldn’t? The “almost” sure central limit theorem? Almost, but not quite you mean, right? Sheesh! Probability in Banach spaces? “Probability“? “Almost“? Can’t quite make up your mind, can you? Well, what’s the, um, what is the, uh. Ok ok, what did Einstein say when, umm, wait, wait; I’ll get it. Just a sec.

The previous paragraph was written by one of we mortals who, when confronted with pure genius, react in predictable ways. The research in this human behavior is extensive and well documented, and these data can be easily accessed via the web. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

We normal’s, we who 2+2 presents a significant challenge, often feel slighted in the presence of IQ jockeys. This is common knowledge and shouldn’t even have been stated here. Mr. Michael Lacey, however, would never cause anyone to feel slighted or in the least bit uncomfortable. You can ask any of those he has apprenticed. That’s right, he has mentored a great many other geniuses during his stay here on our planet, and we are all very appreciative for it. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

For the most part, we average dudes like the brainy type, and deep down inside we all hold a great reverence for those who unravel the very mysteries of the universe.

As for me, I’m still trying to figure out my taxes. Perhaps Mr. Michael Lacey can, one day, formulate an equation that disproves the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of taxation by representation: We can all hope. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Lacey, you can put down your slide rule and abacus and get to work on something useful like my tax problem. What say you?

Orange Coast College Ratings

The cost of college continues to increase rapidly every year. There are many people who are starting to look at alternative investment options outside of college. Orange Coast College is a great school that is highly rated by students. Not only does this college prepare students for the workplace, but it is affordable.


Orange Coast College is different than many schools across the country. Instead of focusing on classroom lessons, the college emphasizes work experience and internships for students. This results in many students getting job offers before they even graduate. Learn more:



Cost of College


Over the past decade, the cost of college has increased much more rapidly than inflation. This has resulted in millions of students borrowing too much money to go to school. To make the problem worse, many of these students end up having issues getting a job. There is an entire generation of students who are saddled with debt and have poor prospects for landing a job.


In the years ahead, Orange Coast College wants to continue building on its past success. The school is making a lot of investments into online classes. Many people believe that this is the future of education. Not only are online classes more convenient, but they are cheaper as well.



Future Growth


With the success of many students coming out of Orange Coast College, most people believe that the college is going to continue growing at a rapid rate. There are many people who are excited about all of the options that Orange Coast College gives to students. In the years ahead, this model of education is going to become more prominent than ever before. Alternative education options are the best way to save money and become prepared for the workforce. Learn more:


McChesney Donates $1 million to the OCC

A professor that formerly taught at Orange Coast College, Mary McChesney, recently donated $1-million towards a new planetarium for the college.

The money will be used for a Foucault pendulum, which can be used to demonstrate the planet Earth’s rotation. According to school officials, the new pendulum will be the only one of its kind in the orange county area. McChesney, 91 years old, hopes the planetarium will contribute to scientific studies at the college and in the surrounding communities.

Her partner, Adelyn Bonin, recently past away and McChesney wanted to make the donation in her honor. Bonin was also a professor at the college and retired in 1983 from teaching German. McChesney taught Spanish and English at the college for 33 years. She retired in 1983, at the same time as Bonin.

According to Doug Bennett, the executive director at the Orange College, McChesney has made many donations for school scholarships and the foundation over the years. He had heard she was planning to make a donation specifically towards the building of the planetarium, but he didn’t realize her donation would be so generous.

The college began building the planetarium in 2016, because the old one, from the 1950’s, was too old. The newly built planetarium will include an auditorium that seats 129 people and an exhibit hall that will showcase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Science on a Sphere display globe.

Comparatively, the old planetarium could only accommodate 35 people. The new planetarium will be used for students at the college and grade school students, kindergarten through 12th grade as well. The entire community will benefit from the $20 million, newly built planetarium.

The funding for the project has come mostly from a 2012 bond measure. Another $2.6 million has come from individual donors, including McChesney/Bonin. The college plans to have the planetarium finished by the 2018 fall semester.

Learn more about Orange Coast College: