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Dr. Saad Lived Life Lessons By Example

Every once in a great while our lives cross paths with those who have walked this journey on earth as shining examples of how one should live this life well. One such a person is Dr. Saad. Dr. Saad now 72 years young has recently retired after a prestigious career of 34 years. Dr. Saad was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, in fact quite the opposite. Born in Palestine in the decade of the 40s life was certainly not void of difficult days. However as a son of a successful father who was a pioneer in the oil industry in the 1950’s the family relocated to Kuwait, it was there under the burning sun that Dr. Sad realized his life’s ambition.


Living By Example


Dr. Saad believes that all mankind can aspire to be anything they desire in this world. After all, if a poor man such as a Palestinian refugee can achieve becoming a successful pediatrician in America than anyone can with the drive and desire to put the work in to accomplish it. Dr. Saad lives his life under two basic principles that we all should model our lives after. First, never settle for anything less than the goals you have set for success. Dr. Saad overcame not only his life condition but rose above it to attain the status in life he desired to achieve. And to reiterate, if a man born into such an overwhelming disadvantage can find the path to rise above it, anyone can. Dr. Sad second life lesson is to never procrastinate, or put off the work that can be done today until tomorrow. The art of procrastination is a poor work ethic and flies in the face of how we should make the most out of each day that we are given. Time is a precious commodity and one that we need to be as efficient with as possible, this is what Dr. Saad believes is key to becoming successful.


A Little About Dr. Saad


Dr. Saad is a graduate of Cairo University Medical Hospital class of 1971. He specialized as a Pediatric and Thoracic surgeon. He held certifications and licensure from the American Board of Surgery, IA medical State license through 2013 and NJ State medical license through 2019. He held two publications or presentations, one regarding groin laporoscopy in 1001 pediatric patients, and the other in clear cell sarcoma in the gastrointestinal tract. He is a notable man and a worthy mentor to model our lives after. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad: Experienced pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the world famous pediatric surgeon. He has a vast experience in the medical field. Dr. Saad has performed countless pediatric surgeries through his career. He has always been passionate about his medical career. He always researches and searches for the latest models and ways to improve and upgrade from his current operational process. Dr. Saad has invested in various research to create a technique that reduces pain as well as the dangers that may occur during the surgical processes. Dr. Saad has patented more than two innovations in the medical industry.

Dr. Saad has been working as a pediatric surgeon for more than four decades now. He has been there for the citizens of the United States as well as helping both young adults and children in Holyland.

Through his research work, Dr. Saad founded equipment that helps to track the catheter without performing a scan on the patient`s body. Catheter resembles a metal detector and is believed to be an achievement in the future of the surgery field. The instrument that Dr. Saad invented is a slender tube, which is created for the medical purpose to work on various functions. The catheter is inserted into the patient’s body to achieve surgical procedure or cure a certain disease. It can also use to drain gases and urine from the patient. The surgeons use x-`ray to locate the catheter that is inserted into the human body. Learn more:

Dr. Saad did not stop at the first innovation; he went ahead and upgraded the endoscopes. As a surgeon, he knew the need and the demands of having upgraded endoscopes. They are surgical instruments that are used to have a look at the internal parts of the human body. By use of an endoscope, the doctor can view throat, stomach, colon and even the bladder. Where the endoscopes are obstructed due to the human liquids a sunction-irrigation device is used to remove the liquid and increase visibility. Dr. Saad has always used these instruments while performing most of the surgical work.

Dr. Saad was raised in Kuwait, and he was born in a family of seven children. He has an excellent educational history just like the most doctors. Dr. Saad studied at Cairo University in Egypt and attained a degree in medicine. Dr. Saad migrated to the United States after the completion of his internship in England. He is currently based in New Jersey where specializes in pediatric surgery.