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The Benefits of Gaming

Despite all of the hate that gaming gets from parents and society, it can actually be really beneficial for your child’s cognitive development. Not only can it be fun and engaging but your child can also interact with other children during the gaming. In the end, it is a win-win. As long as your child is playing educational games, he or she can learn a lot. In this article, I’m going to present how you can benefit from gaming.

1. Improves Coordination
The basics of gaming are hand-eye coordination. You are constantly having to use your hands to press buttons on the controller. How does a person gradually get better at a game? Their hand-eye coordination improves. This skill can also transition into other areas of life

2. Improves memory
In games, you often have to remember things and be aware of your surroundings. This improves memory and overall retention. It also improves awareness as your brain is actively engaged in the game. You have to remember every button on the controller and what controls what in the game.

3. Improves the brain’s speed
When you are playing games, especially first-person shooter games and multiplayer games, you have to have quick reactions. This improves your brain’s overall reaction time to certain stimuli. A good example of this would be Call of Duty and Mario Cart. I’d recommend Mario Kart for the kids and Call of Duty for the adults.

4. Improves social skills
When you are playing multiplayer, you are constantly having to communicate with your teammates. This builds social skills and communication skills at that. In the end, your child will be a better communicator because of it.

All in all, gaming presents a wonderful opportunity to everyone involved. Not only is it fun but it improves your brain at the same time. As long as you aren’t obsessed with the game you are playing, the activity can really help you mentally over the long term.

Fortnite Gaming Tournament Sets Average Joe’s Against Pros

Fortnite, released in September 2017, is an RPG game played against others on an online platform. Players can build and destroy anything while fighting over players over loot, territory, or glory. The game is offered on PC, PS 4, and XBox One. In just a few short months Fortnite has garnered a lot of attention as a new, exciting game. Part of the attraction is the ability to play the game for free but of course, players can purchase different skins, upgrades, and access to different perks. The fan base of the new game continues to expand even more so after the first annual Fortnite Battle Royale Tournament.

The epic event took place at the Luxor Hotel’s Esports Arena in Las Vegas. Top players from all over the country were invited to compete against the most notorious player Tyler Blevins who goes by “Ninja” in the gaming world. In an effort to open the competition to more players, anyone was able to compete against the pros for three consecutive games for a mere $75. There was a total of 233 competitors fighting for Fortnite glory. Cash prizes were given to winners that successfully beat Ninja. The most surprising win of the day came from an unexpected, unassuming player. 4DRStorm took home one of the final wins of the day and as all of the games are anonymously paired with other players to keep gameplay fair nobody knew who the winner was until the camera panned to him. The winner was a 14-year-old boy, the audience was shocked and thrilled at the unexpected turn of events. After the Fortnight Tournament ended, the game’s hype has only increased as new players join the online game. One could only guess this will only be the first mega competition featuring Fortnite.

Valve Buys Developer of Firewatch

Valve, which is a leading distributor of video games, has purchased the independent game studio Campo Santo, which developed the hit game Firewatch.


All 12 employees of Campo Santa will be moving to Valve’e headquarters, which is in Bellevue, Washington. There they will continue to develop their upcoming game, which is entitled In the Valley of the Gods.


Campo Santo announced the acquisition in a blog post, in which they said that they found in Valve a company that feels the same way about making games as they do, which they insist is rare. They further said that Valve, in them, found a group of game developers with both diverse backgrounds and perspectives. So, it did not take either long to see that the two companies were a perfect match.


Many believe little will change with Campo Santo apart from the branding on the games. They will still maintain their blog and their quarterly magazine, which is called The Quarterly Review.


Campo Santo announced In the Valley of the Gods at last year’s E3. It has similarities with Firewatch, in that it is a game in which players walk through an environment while trying to solve a mystery. It is expected that In the Valley of the Gods will launch during the course of next year.


Many in the gaming industry were surprised that Valve purchased Campo Santo, as — opposed to some other large gaming companies — it previously has bought smaller companies only rarely, such as when it bought Turtle Rock Studios, which was the company behind the Left 4 Dead franchise.


Most recently, Valve has been only supporting their own legacy games, such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They also sell the HTC Vive. Though they supposedly have a number of new games in development, including a new edition to the Dota franchise.

GTA Online Gets Cool New Racing Update.

There are few games in the industry like GTA Online and the developers at Rockstar are working to keep it that way. The hit online game has been getting consistent updates for the past several years in order to keep gamers plugged in and now the developers are unleashing something extra special: the San Andreas Sports Series. This event will be running for several weeks and it will feature a string of new cars, a new racing mode, and new ways to earn some GTA$.

The new update will be aping some of Rockstar’s past successes. Fans of the series will notice the influences from Vice City that the Hotring Circuit, which is currently online, has embraced. They’ll also notice a large improvement thanks to the recently released ‘Cunning Stunts’ update. The Hotring Circuit allows up to 30 players to join in on the mayhem and participants will be gaining double GTA$ and RP for their effort all the way until March 26th.

There are a slew of new cars available for purchase but they are going to cost players a pretty penny. Head to Legendary Motorsport in order to test your wallet buying the Overflod Entity XXR or the Vulcar Fagaloa station wagon. Just for reference, the XXR will cost players over $2.3 million. These cars all boast tangible benefits in comparison to other, older GTA:O models, but they aren’t going to be must-use for the Hotring Circuit.

Looking past the San Andreas Sports Series, Rockstar has also been talking about their Target Assault mode. In this new game mode, players will match up in teams of two versus up to eight teams at a time. Basically, this game mode will be like GTA:O’s version of ‘Death Race’ where you have a gunner on your back and a mandate to eliminate all of your enemies at your own discretion. This new mode looks like another great layer of mayhem to one of the more successful online games around in the current generation of options.