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How To Excel In The Uncertain Investment Market In 2017

Timothy or Tim Armour, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, has been working in the investment sector for last 33 years and helping his clients with his intuitive and creative investment solutions. While most of the investors have lost their faith in the market due to a market selloff in September 2015, recent reforms by China, variations in inflation and interest rate, Tim still sees an optimistic future in 2017. In some of his recent discussions, he has given some insightful hints to the investors on how to survive and excel in the investment market in 2017.

According to Tim, the investment market will go through a big change in 2017. While Federal Reserves has increased their interest rate for the second time, Tim insist that corporate earnings in the most important thing to consider in this year. In 2017, people will find that internet and commodity based companies along with banks will grow more than others and they would be best places to invest. However, he insists that a boost in the global market is a pre-requisite for everyone in the first place. He also warns the investors to watch out of accidents such Market Selloff in September 2015 which he believes is a natural consequence for markets to adjust themselves. By analyzing recent trends in China, Japan, Europe, and USA, he is predicting that 2017 will be an interesting year for the investors.

Hence, Tim’s investment advice is to be more thorough with their investment decisions. He also suggests them to hire only the active fund managers to minimize their risks. According to Tim, active managers have the highest success rate in the investment market as they work aggressively to maximize profit and earn their keep on a portfolio where they invest from their pocket as well. He also suggests the investors to look for opportunities on a broader scale as well. Very recently, Tim and Capital Group has formed a partnership with Samsung Asset Management, Korea-based equity firm through which is it will provide retirement and asset allocation solutions to corporate and retail customers in this country.

Tim has been working with Capital Group from the very beginning when he joined here as a participant in its Associate Program. Right now, he is serving as the Chairman & CEO of Capital Group along with Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee, Chairman, and PEO of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., He has a bachelor degree in Economics from Middlebury College, and he is based in Los Angeles.