Bob Reina’s Big Announcement About New Software

Recently, Bob Reina made the announcement that Talk Fusion was rolling out a new update to the WebRTC technology. This new computer program was designed to enhance real-time communication for those who use the software, both for personal and commercial reasons. This particular upgrade was for the Live Meetings program, enhancing it with a more modern application than it had prior. One of the most basic updates was a new and easy to use interface. The product was announced the way Reina knows best, through an online broadcast for all to hear.


The big news is how the product made good use of some more complex upgrades, including the ability for 15 hosts to be online, and it permits up to 500 participants to be included as well. The guests on the conference are able to connect from nearly any wireless device that they own like a tablet or a smartphone. They may also connect via their pc as well.


One of the best features that they offer is the ability to utilize voice recording without using a separate download. Rather than a download, users are now able to open up a new window in their browser, including any modern browser like Chrome, Safari, or otherwise. Bypassing a separate download also increases the capability of the software and it means that those logging onto the cell can do so without having to wait. This makes the video-conferencing easier than ever, and it permits anyone to use the program with ease.


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, and at that time the company was founded on the most basic of needs. That need was the ability to communicate easily with others. The focus for Reina wasn’t just technology, but it was about putting out the best in technology as well as helping people. His desire to help others and give back is done through the products from Talk Fusion, but also through Reina’s giving to non-profit organizations.


One of his key phrases that he uses often, is “with greater success comes greater responsibility.” Reina says that this is a part of the DNA of the company’s culture and that it drives nearly everything they do and every decision that they make. Reina is always striving to do more for people in general, but continuing to improve his company and the products they provide was just a good place to start.¬†Learn more:¬†