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Jeunesse Global Offers a Synergistic System of Skincare

Visionaries at heart, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis launched Jeunesse in 2009 after experiencing significant success in prior endeavors. They were excited about sharing their revolutionary youth enhancement products and developing compensation plans that are rewarding. The result of their efforts is a platform that is both cutting-edge and global. This Jeunesse platform is used to share products that are innovative and support distributors.

Jeunesse’s Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System offers skincare and supplements that you won’t find anywhere else. Distributors of products within this system are established around the world. The products promote youthfulness in the following nine vital ways: rejuvenate, diminish, enhance, energize, clarity, defend, restore, balance and beautify.

RVL is an advanced hair care system offered by Jeunesse that includes a shampoo, scalp serum and leave-in conditioner with a polypeptide technology that was developed by a dermatologist. The formulation of the conditioner is designed to hydrate your hair and build strength from within. This product promotes fuller and thicker hair.

Blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry and aloe vera are the three main ingredients in RevitaBlū, a refreshing drink that was formulated by a pioneer in the world of stem cell research. This drink hydrates your body’s systems and will likely become your go-to product with the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System.

Thousands of people have leveraged the tools provided on the Jeunesse platform to build a successful business. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis take pride in empowering people of all ages, ranks and backgrounds to reach their maximum potential. Distributors of Jeunesse are considered part of the family.

The perks of becoming a distributor for Jeunesse also includes financial security, time, freedom, luxury vacations, lasting global relationships, events, celebrations and a chance to give back. There is dedicated support that includes your own website, a range of business tools, training, social media resources and your own business app. As a Jeunesse distributor, a high level of commitment will equip you to achieve your financial goals.

In addition to an impressive collection of products, the founders also established Jeunesse Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a brighter future for children around the world.

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#LEAD19 Prague: Zen Co-creator Mark Macdonald introduces the #ZP8 30-Day Challenge 💥 Dr. Vincent Giampapa provides education 🎓 about the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), and stem cell specialist Christian Drapeau speaks about #RevitaBLü 🌱— just launched in Europe!

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Jeunesse Global Uses APT-200 in Luminesce Line

Jeunesse Global is the brainchild of Wendy Lewis and her husband Randy Ray. In 2009, they thought they were done with business and simply wanted to retire. However, when Randy Ray started experiencing severe knee pain, he started researching his options. At the time, stem cell research was in its infancy. Yet, it created great results for Randy. When Wendy was lingering in the office waiting for Randy to complete his treatment, she saw that the same product was being used in a skincare serum. After discussing it with the physician, she recognized the huge potential. She saw the before and after results of many women who had seen huge improvements in the appearance of their skin after using a formula with stem cell growth factors.

After researching more, they recognized there was a huge hole in the market where products like this were in demand but simply weren’t being created. Randy and Wendy decided to create Jeunesse Global to fill the need. The company has since grown into one of the largest direct selling companies in the world and it is one of ten that has a billion dollars in sales each year. The company has many distributors who are like family to the couple. They sell the skincare in different countries all over the world, learning to create the life of their dreams by selling an intriguing product.

One of the best skincare lines the company offers is Luminesce. This complete skincare line comes with a cellular rejuvenation serum that uses the largest concentration of APT-200. APT -200 has more than 200 different growth factors created from stem cells found in the adipose of adult humans. This has been proven to be more effective, according to Dr. Nathan Newman who helped create the line. The line also includes a daily moisturizing complex that also contains the growth factors to help get a radiant glow that lasts all day. The daily moisturizer is also a sunscreen that protects against broad spectrum rays. The blend of vitamins and antioxidants in the line help the skin look smoother and firmer.