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How Avaaz Has Changed The Society

The world has been experiencing changes over the years. Most people are now living in harmony, and they enjoy each other’s company. There are, however, powerful individuals who have been making life difficult for the ordinary individuals. The less fortunate persons do not have a lot of power to defend themselves, and they depend on human rights organizations from all over the world for protection. There are thousands of organizations that have been started in many parts of the globe, and Avaaz is one of them.

Avaaz has been operational for a while, and it is slowly changing the many lives of the consumers living in various parts of the world. Avaaz website states that the organization was founded by professionals who were dedicated to promoting civic virtue good governance and deliberative democracy. The founders of this institution wanted the best for the individuals living in global community, and they realized that this was only going to be possible after the introduction of an organization that had the needs of the people at heart. The needs of the community have been taken care of so well.

Avaaz has been performing well in the international community because of various reasons. According to the company policies, Avaaz has only performed well because it has been embracing modern technology in most of its operations. The company communicates with its followers based in many parts of the world using the internet. The organization settled for this means of communication after it realized that it was cheap and also very effective. Because consumers in many parts of the world are using the internet, things have been going smoothly for the large institution. Avaaz has also been getting its funds from its followers who are based in several areas of international platforms. The company has supported many causes since its introduction.

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Mighty Fortress Church Exemplifies a True Spiritual Retreat

When it comes to worshiping the mighty God whom you love dearly, you need to fellowship with fellow Christ-centered believers with whom you ought to be spiritually bonded. At Mighty Fortress Church, we afford you the opportunity to fellowship with us in our church based in Minneapolis, MN.

To us members of Mighty Fortress Church (also known as Mighty Fortress Church International and simply MFI), we can see how important God is to you. Sadly, many unreached people have rejected Jesus Christ’s love and His gift of “eternal life.” But not the children of God. You know only repentant sinners for whom our caring and loving Lord and Savior died on Calvary and shed His precious blood are God’s chosen ones who can be saved. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

God loves you.

Each day, you have been faced with many trials and tribulations, your faith have been constantly tested, but at least your unwavering faith remains very strong. Most important, you have been saved for a reason… God loves you.


Here are Frequently Asked Question about MFI:

Why makes MFI a unique place Christian fellowship?Am I welcomed to come as I am?What can one expect from God’s life-changing word?How focused is the worship services on God?Are bizarre rituals are performed during services?

  • Why makes MFI a unique place Christian fellowship? We provide Christians in which they experience God and His life-changing word.
  • Am I welcomed to come as I am? The answer is a resounding “YES!”
  • What can one expect from God’s life-changing word? Because the Word of God is essential to a Christian’s spiritual life, we would like to share His word with you at MFI.
  • How focused is the worship services on God? Every believer in Christ is encouraged to freely express his or her gratitude toward God.
  • Are bizarre rituals are performed during services? Absolutely not! Because we know worshiping can be spiritually rewarding and we can see how important Jesus is to us, we avoid the use of meaningless rituals during worship services.

Who is Bishop Thomas Williams?

Bishop Thomas Williams, the Overseer and Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church, welcomes you in the name of Jesus to this body of believers here in Minneapolis.

For this age, Bishop Williams exemplifies the powerful apostolic and prophetic voice after which many Christians have seek.

To find out how Mighty Fortress Church can be a tremendous blessing to you and keep you connected with Jesus Christ our haven of rest, we cordially invite you to fellowship with us. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Bob Reina and the Global Success of the Internet Marketing Firm Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video marketing and conferencing firm, and Bob Reina is its Founder and CEO. The firm has been around since 2007, but Mr. Reina has over 20 years of experience in internet marketing ventures. The core product at Talk Fusion is a sophisticated video email marketing platform, and the emailed videos are embedded directly into the emails themselves via proprietary technology.


Reina distinguished himself as a policeman, and he graduated first among his peers at the academy. After a chance introduction to internet marketing one fateful day, Mr. Reina decided to change jobs. He discovered that team building and direct marketing were the best methods for business success. However, Reina quickly found out that platforms like AOL were unable to handle basic video emails back in 2004.



Talk Fusion Revolutionizes Internet Email Direct Marketing


Talk Fusion’s video marketing angle was a smashing success in 2007, and the company is now a major internet marketing firm with a presence in over 140 countries. Bob Reina has always believed in video as the best way to communicate information about products and services.


Mr. Reina and his team share their methods and philosophies with Talk Fusion Associates, and this allows those associates to replicate Mr. Reina’s successes. Reina is constantly looking for new ways to expand on his already successful marketing, conferencing, and team building strategies.


Bob attended the University of South Florida before his entrance into the Tampa Police Academy. He quit his job with the police force to pursue his marketing and team building vision, and his family and friends objected strongly. In addition to his role as the leader of Talk Fusion, he was also the Founder and President of Cash Card Worldwide. Learn more:


Dogs are a big part of Reina’s life, and he brings his dog Shadow to his corporate office every day. He is also on the board of directors for the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Mr. Reina uses Talk Fusion email marketing strategies to find homes for helpless animals and to spread awareness about unnecessary animal euthanasia.

Talk Fusion: Be Prepared Not Behind

Talk Fusion is the video communications company that is looking to make sure its customers are always ready for whatever is going to happen in the world, both in the tech world and the day-to-day world. They prepare people, get them ready, and show them the ropes. This ensures they have everything they need to be successful. If there ever were a time to get on board with Talk Fusion, it would be now, as they are at the top of their game here in 2017, celebrating their decade anniversary. It has been a decade of success stories and life changing operations. Talk Fusion would not have it any other way. It is how they like it and why Bob Reina decided to start up and create the company in 2007.


It is even more remarkable when you take into account this guy used to be a police officer. It was quite a career change, but there is one constant: he likes to help people. He is saving lives in a different way now. He is saving lives by allowing people to truly be themselves and live freely. With Talk Fusion and its award-winning voice, data, and chat, they will give people exactly what they need to save their life from becoming boring and from becoming the same every single day.


Bob Reina is a true innovator, but he never likes to take any of the credit for the success of Talk Fusion. He is the leader and he stands up front, but when the company won its award for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award (, he thanked a ton of people. He knows what everyone is doing and the extra effort they are putting into Talk Fusion to make it run as smoothly as it does.


That is the sign of a good boss. He sees things, he hears things, and he is not oblivious to what is happening with the company. It is the opposite in fact. He is right there with them helping and encouraging them to be their very best at Talk Fusion.