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The Mega Mighty Fortress Church

A church is a solemn place that guides us to live right with fellow humanity. Church since time immemorial has taken different shapes and forms of architecture. Some of the indigenous churches had a past preceding their construction ranging from martyrs, educational centers or in memory of fallen heroes. Some despite having been existence for years have remained beautiful and spectacular even in this day and age.

The Episcopal Church of Our Savior, a fieldstone masterpiece under the architect John Sutcliffe is one monumental structure that lies in Little Falls. It is a perfect match for the Gothic and Tudor styles which means the church has stone construction for the base and a stucco design at the upper part of the building. The Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church in Minneapolis just like the Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church in the same town have a Romanesque architectural style a mix of steeples, sharp spires, and arched bricks. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Stearns County host many Catholic churches but the Church of Lady of the Angels cannot go unmentioned. It stands out from the rest due to its unique interiors. It is well illuminated by beautiful chandeliers and has an artwork of Mary seemingly ascending from the cloud. The Church of the Holy Communion situated in the Minnesota River Valley is yet another exceptional building dating back from 1869.


About the Mighty Fortress Church

The Mighty Fortress church is one of the biblical doctrine following churches serving the spiritual and by extension physical matters of the people. It teaches on practical lessons of Christian living. It seeks to answers life’s toughest choices and decision in a godly manner.

Mighty Fortress is one of the most versatile churches. It accepts believer from all walks of life, gender and races. In recent time the church has received a huge following thanks its multi-dimensional approach to outreach ministry.

Bishop T.R. Williams is the Senior Pastor and the General Overseer. He has been to the ministry for over 30 years particularly interested in the treasures and wisdom of the Word of God. He belongs to the elite class having an undergraduate, graduate and master’s degree from Rhema BTC, North Central University and from Bethel St. Paul MN respectively. View the interactive map at