Doe Deere Talks Business

When you are looking at starting your own business, you may not know what to do and where to start. It’s not as hard as you think if you follow the same steps that Doe Deere did when she was starting her makeup business.

Pick Something You Love

The biggest thing you can do is to choose something that makes sense to you. If you love animals, you don’t want to do something that doesn’t help them. You want to have passion for your business and the best way to do that is pick something you love and find a way to make a living at it. Learn more:

Have a Plan

You can create a business plan very easily. All you need is some software or a book that can guide you to what you need to add onto it. Once you have that, you will need to do some research into the business you want to start. This will help you know what your market is and who you are going to be selling to. It also can help you see the financials of the business so you can plan better.

Know Your Market

The biggest thing you will need with your business is one that Doe Deere really went through. You need to know your market. If you are selling something like makeup, then you will need to know what kinds of women are going to be willing to buy it. This way you can market it to them.

There are a lot of things to think about when you are starting your business. Doe Deere went through all of them herself and still has a great business. Running a business can be hard to do, but it also is something that can be very rewarding. All you need to do is take the right steps to make it the best business possible. If you aren’t sure about your business, you can take it to an advisor to see what they think of your business idea. This way you can see if it’s something that will help people and yourself.

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Susan McGalla: An inspiration for women

Marketing has always been an important tool to flourish one’ business. There is a lot of competition now a days in marketing and branding sector as highly talented and capable individuals are taking interest in this field. Companies now demand highly skilled and talented marketing professionals that can market their products and services in a highly effective way and can lead the company to success.

Susan McGalla is considered as one of the highly professional and competent ladies in the field of marketing. She is one of the most successful branding consultants in the United States. She belongs to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has worked with very famous companies like American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and Wet Seal Inc. She is also a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh. She has addressed many seminars and events on branding and marketing including the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC, a consulting firm.

Staying in this field for many years, she has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in this field. Based on her experience, she now advises many young girls who find difficulties in this field. She also tells them how to stay successful in this field. According to her, women should start saving early in their lives so that they can afford to get a higher education. For her, education is one such ladder that can help anyone in achieving the heights of success.

She is of the view that since jobs are quite tough for women as compared to men, there should be a supporting network for women that can help them to sustain their career and work there for longer periods of time. Staying organized, disciplined and determined can help women achieve better in their lives. Women should be headstrong in every walk of life so that they can get through the struggles of life with confidence. Hard work and dedication to one’s work can make them highly respectful and successful in their career. Women empowerment is Susan’s favorite forte. She has helped many girls in realizing their true potential and aiming high towards their goals. Susan believes women are the ones who build the entire nation. It is very important for women to stay strong and independent so that they can fight for their own rights.