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Valve Acquires Campo Santo Game Studio

Valve, the massively influential game distributor known for its Steam platform, recently acquired Campo Santo. Campo Santo, a 12-person team of developers, has admitted to have a love for making games and expressed an understanding that Valve had a similar passion for game and mutual respect for what Camp Santo does. The Campo Santo team will now relocate to Valve’s base of operations in Seattle, Washington.

Beyond stating that they were joining up with Valve, Campo Santo went on to state that “In The Valley of Gods,” their newest offering of electronic entertainment in the adventure genre, would not be reworked into a PC-exclusive title in deference to its new overseers. Campo Santo also stated that is would continue to provide support and updates to “Firewatch” and release “The Quarterly Review,” a literary journal.

Founded in 1966, Valve is a company that created such well-regarded titles as “Half-Life,” “Counterstrike” and “Portal.” It later went on to create the Steam content distribution platform after discovering that the existing methods of commerce proved inefficient for its business model. Beyond its acquisition of Campo Santo, the company has also recently stated that it was working on “Artifact,” a digital card game whose content and mechanics would be inspired by its “Defense of the Ancients 2,” a free-to-play and hugely popular Mult-user Online Battle Arena title.

Formerly-San Francisco-based, Campo Santo was founded in 2013 by Nels Anderson, Olly Moss, Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman. The company released Firewatch, currently its only released video game, in 2016. Firewatch is a narrative-driven game with a first-person perspective set in the late 1980s and has players controlling Henry, a fire lookout for the Shoshone National Forest. The game has received six nominations and two awards for “Best Debut” from both Game Developers Choice and British Academy Games. Firewatch was also the topic of discussion regarding a live action film, produced in collaboration between Campo Santo and the Good Universe film production company.