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Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald of Unroll.Me

Jojo Hedaya is co-creator, innovator and the Chief Executive Officer of the company along Josh Rosenwald. Jojo Hedaya was actually the vice president and second in command of his class at Boston College. Mr. Jojo met Rosenwald for the very first time in Israel when he was there to study. Their spiritual leader suggested that both Jojo and Rosenwald should hangout and should have fun together because of the reason that only two of them had Blackberry’s. Their friendship bond became even stronger when they came to know that both of them were born on the very same day and the very same year.

In this modern world, everyone is so busy that almost every person is tired of receiving spam messages and they always go for unsubscribing them. For that, one has to scroll down till the bottom or end of the email and to search for the “unsubscribe me” button. This problem has been solved since was founded. Both Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald have solved the problem in no time which actually manages these subscriptions right in the email’s inbox. sends an email every day which examines, sweeps and inspects all the subscription-related emails in the inbox and by the click of only one button, one can get rid of all the extra, spam and mass subscription emails.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald both have launched an app recently which is named as Slice” which is same and homogenous and very close to “Slice” app is owned by “Rakuten,” a Japanese firm that is the 14th largest internet organization and company behind Amazon, Netflix, JD and many more. Slice, from a part of Palo Alto, has managed and been able to get $4 billion worth of bundles and packages across the 175 million total units.

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A post shared by Jojo Hedaya (@jojohedaya) on is quite different yet has an interesting background story of two college friends. The duo made worked really hard to develop their startup. The odds were never in the favor, but they managed to build and achieve success.

The life principals that lead to the success of Vijay Eswaran

In 1960 October 7, that’s when Vijay Eswaran was born in a place called Penang, Malaysia. Then the father was offering his services as a ministry of labor, while the mother was working as a teacher. The family moved to different cities often because of his father’s work. One thing that the Vijay parents ensured is that he received a good education. Vijay Eswaran graduated in 1984 from London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics.

After he finished his schooling at LSE, he started off working the menial jobs at the construction and harvesting grapes. Though things changed for him when he moved back to the UK. That’s the same place that he got to learn about binary system marketing because he got the UK CIMA qualification. Then he joined the Southern Illinois University based in U.S. where he studied for his MBA in 1986. At the same time, he was offering his services at Synaptic where he worked part-time in the field of multi-level marketing.

In companies based in Southeast Asia and North America, he offered his services as an information system engineer. After 13years of being away, he went back to Malaysia. While there he was approached by Cosway Group if he would like to work with them in the Philippines starting of their marketing operations. In 1998, he participated in the co-founding of MLM Company. The company grew up so fast that it has to change its name to QI Group.

Currently, the company is offering its operations through the ten countries. It has regional offices in parts like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. The other side of Vijay Eswaran is that he is a philanthropist. He has offers his money to different charity works. In his native country, he started a charitable arm through QI Group. The other Foundation that Vijay Eswaran began was the Vijayaratnam Foundation that he named after his father.

Louis Chenevert Leadership Days

The corporate world can be very tough and unfulfilling for those who do not know how to handle it. The investment world is a world for stewards and patient individuals. The great things that we want in life are not achieved in one night. Louis Chenevert is among the individuals who understand the rules of the game.

The career of Louis Chenevert began in HEC Montreal, where he studied Production Management. Production Management helps a company produce goods efficiently, with the lowest cost possible but still maintain the quality of the products. This was the right course for him because he wanted to help the companies to improve their sales.

After school, Guy Hachey hired him in General Motors. He worked here for more than a decade. During his stay in the company, he had very many promotions, thanks to his hard work. Guy Hachey says that he promoted Chenevert every time he got a new position. Before Chenevert left the firm, he had a chance to be the General Production Manager, meaning he was overseeing the production process on a large scale basis.

Louis Chenevert later got a job at Pratt & Whitney which is an engineering firm. Again, he got to serve as a president before he left the company. It is during his time as president of the firm that UTC nominated him as their CEO.

It was hard to make a difference as the CEO because, at the time of his appointment, the nation was going through a tough financial crisis. However, with his intelligence and great leadership skills, he improved the status of the company. UTC gained great leverage in the market, thanks to the acquisitions that he made for UTC. It became the most profitable firm in the USA, which resulted in the rise in its share price by almost 200%.

Final Verdict

Louis Chenevert is an icon in the investment world. He has had many successes with the companies he has worked with in the past.

However, the corporate world can get so busy and deny us time to pursue our interests and spend time with our families. Chnevenert is now living a semi-retired lifestyle to create time for the latter.

Nick Vertucci Gets Serious About Helping Investors with Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has been capitalizing on real estate investing since he retired from his role as a police officer. As time progressed Nick realize that he had the ability to document what he was doing and give successful tips to those that were interested in building the same type of income from real estate that he was building up.

When Nick Vertucci got to a place where he was making millions with investments he knew that it was time to start the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Now he has the ability to make even more money as an investor that helps others that want to invest.

The academy was a very big part of his ability to gain a crowd of investors that were looking for answers when it came to solidifying themselves as serious real estate entrepreneurs. Nick has become so popular over time that he has managed to write a book about these tips that he has given to real estate entrepreneurs through his academy.

This book is available on Amazon, and it has easily become a favorite with Amazon customers because it inspires and motivates. The thing that people may like about this written format of information from Nick Vertucci is the personal story that he attaches to the tips that he is putting in the book. Vertucci has really been able to put forth the effort to build a much better blueprint for those that want to learn how things work in this industry. Everyone is not going to be able to attend the academy that he created, but that is okay.

Nick Vertucci is someone that people will pay attention to because he knows how to make money when it comes to real estate. There are a lot of people that may say that they have ideas about the type of investments that people can make, but they may not have any proven documentation that they are good at what they are doing. Nick has an entire academy of students that have come under his training. He has a full-time staff. He has retired from one completely different profession and gone through the trials and errors of investing in real estate in order to learn about this whole new way of life.

It is these types of steps of action that have made him someone that people believe in. It is this type of work ethic that has given him the ability to cross line to financial freedom and encourage others to do so as well. The people that make a decision to take a look at the book that Nick has created will have a greater advantage when it comes to real estate.

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