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James River Capital: Leadership Qualities Everyone Should Embrace

Leadership is undertaken by people who are willing to go the extra mile for the people they are in charge of. When this serious responsibility lands of people who are not ready to work for the rest of the team, any company or business can start preparing for failure. Successful organizations, especially in the modern era, are being operated by experts who take the roles they have been appointed to do so seriously. Leadership, in most cases, is difficult, and it takes so much effort from the person who has been given it. When you are appointed into leadership, experts say that you should not be proud because you will be the boss. For many, this is an opportunity to learn and increase knowledge so that you can support and show your team the best direction. James River Capital is an example of a company that has a powerful and real leader. Paul Saunders, the person behind the influential firm, has shared some of his leadership styles that have made him so successful in his career life. Learn more:


Your team needs your support


The companies leading in different industries are currently being led by professionals who offer their support, not leadership. One of these companies is Facebook. This platform is considered a giant in the market, but its most significant success tip is in the support that is given by the people in the support team. When the top management of a firm changes their roles from leadership to support, companies should expect so much positive changes. These bosses view their roles in a different and positive manner when they start to support their companies.


Encourage and initiative escalation in the business


Paul Saunders realized that workers in his company were a vital investment. Because these people are working in his company for many hours, they know so much, and they can help their leaders by sharing whatever is happening in the background. Many have failed so much because of the communication they have introduced in their companies. When a worker in the company doesn’t trust and feel confident around their boss, they will never speak about their challenges and the things that need to be improved so that they can be comfortable. A leader who thinks about the success of their company will initiate and also support the people who want to communicate in the office. All views, regardless of their origin, should be accepted and appreciated by the leaders in the company. Failure to understand your employees will make them remain quiet, even when the matter in question is crucial and needs immediate attention. The way you approach your employees when speaking to them will determine their loyalty at the end of the day.


Boris Feldman Revisits A 2012 Interview With CAOA’s Owner, Dr. Carlos

CAOA was founded by businessman Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade in 1979, and is nowadays a leader when it comes to the Brazilian automobile industry, extending their reach and being present in every region of the country. The company has Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford dealerships, and has been the sole importer of Subaru and Hyundai vehicles in Brazil since the late 90s. In close to 4 decades since its inception, CAOA sold over a million vehicles on the Brazilian market.

Early in August of 2018, Boris Feldman, a journalist who has specialized in vehicles and motor racing since 1996, and is the host of “Car Talk”, talked about Carlo Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, pointing to an older interview that he conducted with the businessman back in 2012. The journalist quoted excerpts from 2012, mentioning the fact that besides importing and selling automobiles, CAOA also invested heavily in setting up a factory in Anapolis. They have a license from Hyundai to manufacture HR and HD78 trucks, and they also assemble an older model of Tucson, and have been, at that time, preparing to produce the new iX35. In addition, the 2012 article mentioned that Dr. Carlos had a dream to make a fully Brazilian car.

Dr. Carlos stated back then that CAOA has a design agency located in Italy and that the yare creating a new body for the Tucson. He pointed out that he is negotiating with Fiat in order to give CAOA a national engine with which to equip the new car. The owner of CAOA declared that he is taking a page from the Korean playbook, pointing out the fact that Koreans started manufacturing and copying products of Japan, and then later on they started developing their own Korean cars.

6 years since the interviews, the journalist Boris Feldman believes that Dr. Carlos is rewriting the history of the automobile industry in Brazil, given the fact that the country never had a big national factory. He also believes that CAOA did not copy the Koreans, but in fact went further, taking over Chery’s operation in the country in 2017, keeping the Chinese as their partners, and continuing to manufacture his models in Anapolis and Jacarei, where they produce Hyundai models.

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Unroll Me Makes Its Disclosure Statement More Transparent


Email management provider, Unroll Me offers its users free service to manage unwanted emails. Slice Technologies gained the company in November 2014 providing services in the United States and global countries. The company makes money selling data of it users without disclosing their personal information. came under scrutiny in 2017 and vowed to make its privacy policy and disclosure statement transparent to all clients.


Some consumers were unaware of this because they didn’t read the disclosure. The company stopped providing services in Europe after GDPR passed a new data protection law, as of May 23rd, 2018. Unroll Me informs users they may collect, disclose, transfer, use, and sell data while protecting their personal information. It is the company’s business model to generate revenue by building unidentified market research services and products.


The way it works is Unroll Me eliminates unwanted emails and keeps the wanted ones using rollup services. Rollup users can organize and prioritize their Inbox mail through automatic categorization. The company uses G Suite, Google Analytics, and WordPress technology products and services. When the app was first released, it was compatible to IOS, and in 2017 is on Android. The app receives over 27,000 downloads on a monthly basis and uses approximately 30 technologies on its site.


The application is simple to use requiring users to swipe right to keep mail in the Inbox and swipe left to unsubscribe. To add newsletters to “Roll-Up”, the user has to swipe upward. The service offers a daily summary report of kept emails. Unroll Me ensures users’ personal information are safe under the privacy laws in the US and other international countries. The company plans to re-enter the market in the United Kingdom after they meet all criteria under the new GDPR law. See This Page to learn more.


Jojo Hedaya serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Josh Rosenwald serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Unroll Me. They are co-founders and leaders of the business and jointly oversees its operations. The executives are rectifying complaints pertaining to selling users’ information and proper disclosure. They are doing everything possible to make their privacy policy transparent to all users.


Great reviews about the app can be read on


Stop The Clutter That Comes In Your Email Inbox With Unroll Me


Getting emails about different sales and various types of events can be quite annoying. You can find yourself checking and deleting a ton of email that is completely irrelevant to you. People that have this problem should look into email unsubscription services like Unroll Me. This is going to be one of the most useful email management concepts around.

The Unroll service is designed to help you stop all of the junk mail that comes in your Inbox. It can be a real hassle to constantly find yourself with an inbox that is filled with messages that you are not going to read anyway. This is a free service, and you have the ability to stop it at any time. You want to get a good understanding of how the service works before you get started, but most people that have signed up are very impressed with it.

You would never be able to stop all of the emails that you have in your Inbox without having some help. What unroll me does is put you in a position where you take control of your email Inbox again. You have the ability to cut out all of those newsletters and subscription services that you never subscribed to. That is the good thing about getting with Unroll Me. Find Additional Information Here.

Some of the best decisions that you can make comes with finding things that can help you maximize your time. This is definitely what companies like Unroll Me are doing. It is giving you the ability to maximize your space and make your Inbox a lot cleaner. You do not have to wait and take so much time to try and clean it up.

The trouble with junk mail is that you often throw a lot of the important email away in the mix when you have all of these spam and junk mail messages flying through. This is yet another reason why you need unroll me to help you sort out those things that are not pertaining to anything you need. It is good to have a service like this because it can give you a helping hand for getting rid of all the unwanted subscriptions.


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