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Perry Mandera Has Passions for Business, Philanthropy, and Youth

Perry Mandera is a philanthropist with a big, compassionate, heart. He is also the founder of Custom Companies, Inc. The Custom Companies provides a myriad of transportation services for both international and domestic air freight, direct mail distribution, local cartage, warehousing, and much more (Customcares).

Perry Mandera also chose to create Custom Cares Charities with the transportation industry as its base. As such, he is making a huge difference in the lives of people in Chicago. During the holidays, and at other times of the year, his charity helps families in need. He cares deeply about the children of these families. Perry Mandera has also taken time out from his busy schedule to coach sports teams for youth.

Several youth Mandera coached in boxing were good enough to qualify for the Olympics. Another leg of his philanthropy includes providing financial assistance at times for organizations and teams that promote healthy living and fitness for children in need. Perry Mandera is quite passionate about the Jesse White Tumblers organization as well. Founded in 1959, the program dedicates itself to inner-city Chicago youth by providing activities that steer them away from gangs, drugs, and alcohol. The program also encourages youth to maintain good grades.

Mandera’s organization consists of owners of Fortune 100 companies. These people contribute to the brainpower energy that backs the program’s initiatives. His company’s headquarters is in Northlake, Illinois with another office located in Los Angeles, California. The company’s motto is that “one call does it all.” This allows for great customer service and saves everyone money and time in the long run.

The Custom Companies offers a full range of services that commit to meeting any shippers needs. Its list of services include contract cartage, ground services, pick and pack services, flat bed and temp-controlled equipment, mail distribution services, and much more. All of this means that Mandera has respectfully earned a reputation as a businessman that offers affordable pricing and exceptional services.


Aloha, Midwestern Construction Company

Aloha Construction is a remodeling and construction company located throughout Illinois and the southern part of Wisconsin headed by CEO David Farbaky. David is a brother, father, husband, and a philanthropist who started the Dave Farbaky Foundation to give shopping sprees to children and help spread joy to his region. The company itself mainly focuses on repairing damage from natural causes, general remodeling, or fixing common wear-and-tear issues. They deal with windows, gutters, and roofs; They can help you decide on top quality shingles if you’re in need, based on standard sun exposure and the occasional wind damage. Aloha Construction has a 9 step process for inspecting homes, and offers ten year warranties on all roofing projects.

Common reasons for remodeling and construction which Aloha Construction sees on a regular basis, with respect to siding, are generally for both protective and aesthetic purposes on homes. They are a multi-faceted company that can deal with many types of materials including fiber cement, stucco, wood, face brick, hardee board, aluminum, and more. Aloha addresses the many benefits of improving your home, which include reduced heating and cooling costs, increase its character, and reducing maintenance fees overall.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Aloha besides its craftsmanship is its community outreach. Aloha Construction is an avid supporter of the children’s charities throughout the southern Wisconsin and Illinois area. With respect to their children’s shopping sprees, headed by the Dave Farbaky Foundation and random acts of kindness, Learning Express Toys is the typical location. Children typically get sixty seconds and grab any toys that they want. And then after that, they get an additional 30 seconds to grab any toys that they want. Though the total value of the toys was $7,000, they kids were very respectable and didn’t necessarily grab as many toys as they could.

Aloha Construction is a generous company in the area, and they have many benefits to consumers.…/prweb14244544.htm