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The Business Mogul – Glen Wakeman

The Man Behind the Business

Glen Wakeman earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. He also has earned a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. He has had several leading roles with GE Capital, working with their U.S. and International markets. As CEO for GE Money in its Latin division, he was responsible for all operations from its inception.

Glen Wakeman has been the mastermind behind a multitude of new products, created and signed several partnerships, and has created a network of several branches. His experience spans from being the COO of GE-owned Insurance division to his recognition as “The Who’s Who” to watch of GE’s Board of Directors. He is an entrepreneur, mentor, and business management mogul. He has a multitude of management experience earned from his post at GE Corporation. His passion for business has made him known as the man to look for when it comes to leadership and management.


What He’s Been Up To

Currently Glen Wakeman is using his philosophy and methodology as Founder and President of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. His organization provides strategies and financial advice for developing companies. He provides mentorship and coaching to CEO’s and assists business owners with their start up plans through his website, In addition to his mentoring website, Wakeman also blogs online giving advice on global affairs and other business information.

Glen Wakeman strongly believes in using innovative resources to gain growth. He also has a strong sense of executive development, a quality that is highly sought after by small business and big corporations. His leadership and methods will continuously be a resource to business developers in the U. S. and Internationally. Glen Wakeman will continue to innovate new strategies to assist business leaders achieve success.