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Boris Feldman Revisits A 2012 Interview With CAOA’s Owner, Dr. Carlos

CAOA was founded by businessman Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade in 1979, and is nowadays a leader when it comes to the Brazilian automobile industry, extending their reach and being present in every region of the country. The company has Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford dealerships, and has been the sole importer of Subaru and Hyundai vehicles in Brazil since the late 90s. In close to 4 decades since its inception, CAOA sold over a million vehicles on the Brazilian market.

Early in August of 2018, Boris Feldman, a journalist who has specialized in vehicles and motor racing since 1996, and is the host of “Car Talk”, talked about Carlo Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, pointing to an older interview that he conducted with the businessman back in 2012. The journalist quoted excerpts from 2012, mentioning the fact that besides importing and selling automobiles, CAOA also invested heavily in setting up a factory in Anapolis. They have a license from Hyundai to manufacture HR and HD78 trucks, and they also assemble an older model of Tucson, and have been, at that time, preparing to produce the new iX35. In addition, the 2012 article mentioned that Dr. Carlos had a dream to make a fully Brazilian car.

Dr. Carlos stated back then that CAOA has a design agency located in Italy and that the yare creating a new body for the Tucson. He pointed out that he is negotiating with Fiat in order to give CAOA a national engine with which to equip the new car. The owner of CAOA declared that he is taking a page from the Korean playbook, pointing out the fact that Koreans started manufacturing and copying products of Japan, and then later on they started developing their own Korean cars.

6 years since the interviews, the journalist Boris Feldman believes that Dr. Carlos is rewriting the history of the automobile industry in Brazil, given the fact that the country never had a big national factory. He also believes that CAOA did not copy the Koreans, but in fact went further, taking over Chery’s operation in the country in 2017, keeping the Chinese as their partners, and continuing to manufacture his models in Anapolis and Jacarei, where they produce Hyundai models.

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New Willis Towers Watson CFO Michael Burwell Reflects On His Career During An Inspirey Interview


As one of the leading advisory, brokerage and financial solutions company in the world, Willis Towers Watson is proud of the team they assembled. It has now been a year since they made their last hire, that of Chief Financial Officer Michael Burwell in October 2017. They are still proud of the move for a number of reasons.

First of all, Michael Burwell brought a lot of experience to the team. He has had exposure to auditing (11 years), transaction services advisory committee work (12 years) and of course 31 years of general financial experience from Price Waterhouse Cooper. The past years has been great for Willis Tower Watson, and it has only confirmed they made the right decision in hiring Michael Burwell. Moreover, Mr. Burwell recently sat down for an interview with Inspirey Magazine regarding his financial career.

One of the first questions Mr. Burwell was asked was regarding where his best ideas come from. He indicated that as a leader within his company, he has to have the foresight to realize that ideas often come from other individuals within the company. Thus, it’s not so much whether he himself has the best ideas or not, it is whether he has the leadership ability to give these ideas the proper analysis and assessment that they deserve.

Michael Burwell was also asked how he manages to stay productive as well. He indicated that to him the best way to stay productive is to properly determine how to do more with less. One of the things that Burwell loves is the advent of new technology. Thus, he is always on the lookout for new ways to utilize technology to help him make him be more productive and actually do it in an easier manner.

Finally, there were of course many other items that were covered during this interview, but one of the most telling questions for Michael Burwell involved a career accomplishment that he was most proud of. He simply replied that he was most proud of the fact he was able to save his former company $500 million in overhead costs without having to lay off any employees. There is no doubt about it, this man is definitely an asset to any company he is involved in.


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Jojo Hedaya Contributions To The Email Service


Email is a service that has been used for more than two years now. It came to replace the old method of sending letters through the post office where most of the time, the letters did not reach their destinations due to slight mistakes such as filling in the incorrect postal address. It is a very efficient way to send official documents such as application letters to jobs and so much more. Through the email, someone is sure that their emails have reached their recipients by simply ensuring that they have been notified that their email has been sent.

However, the email faces a lot of challenges especially when the spam emails fill up the email inbox. This gives users a difficult time to go through all their important emails which makes it hectic read important emails. The Unroll.Me App came to save a lot of email users from unwanted emails. Read This Article for related information.

Jojo Hedaya is the proud co-founder of the Unroll.Me and has served the company as the CEO. The idea of starting of starting up the app came up while he was going through his emails. His friend and he were working on a project that had just failed to push through and was looking for another project to work on.

Jojo Hedaya had a blackberry phone that could be able to send and receive emails. He was disturbed by the way his email inbox was constantly filled up with unwanted emails which made it difficult for him to access important emails. Jojo Hedaya had the idea of developing an App that could be able to filter spam emails to make it easy for him to access his important emails.

This was the birth of the Unroll.Me App which has been the solution to the problems in accessing emails. The App is also very fast in scanning email messages which makes it an efficient App to use. Jojo Hedaya stated that Unroll me is now competing with great email Apps such as Gmail. Together with his team, they are working on new ideas to make the services even better and have the vision of making Unroll.Me App to be the best email App in the App store.


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The Inner Details Of Michael Burwell’s Life You Didn’t Know


It is always good to know the person behind every great career. Sometimes, it is even hard to believe that successful business investors are similar to us in any aspect. It is through the interviews that we come to realize that they are people who have faced challenges and have a normal life like us. Michael Burwell is among these individuals who appear to have come from a different planet.


Michael Burwell is the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. This is a company that helps managers, CEOs and other executives in businesses in making wise decisions. Michael Burwell has been in the finance world for more than 30 years before joining Willis Towers Watson. In terms of academics, he has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and CPA to top it.


Like many successful business people, Michael Burwell has a routine that he uses to put his days into perspective. He wakes up at 5 am and makes his bed whenever he is. He explains that he loves having the sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning, however, small it may be. He then hops in his bicycle for a ride. It is during this rides that his mind freshens and gives space for new ideas.


Despite his busy schedule, Michael Burwell understands the importance of family and friendship. This is why he sets aside some time to play golf with his family. He says that he was introduced to golf by his grandfather at a tender age and decided to keep the tradition. One of the things that Burwell loves about golf is that every shot makes everyone happy. He adds that no one is perfect in golf, so there is always room for improvement for everyone.


Michael Burwell attends 3-4 major golf events every year, which he describes as pretty competitive.

Michael Burwell has also had to make tough decisions at some point in his career. He, however, says that the decision to stop a technology program they had started was the toughest of them all. He says that besides it not being the most popular decision, giving up a project he had put so much energy in, was not an easy step. It was, however, the right decision to make at the moment.


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