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Giving is Good For the Brain: Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a man who likes to figure out how the brain and mind work. He has had this affinity since he was young and was always curious about a person’s mind. He graduated from medical school at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1994. He continued his work at the university and completed a residency in Neurology in 1997. His career went on from there and he is now currently the Head of the Cognitive and Neuroscience Unit and he is also the director and president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. This company is also located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In an article for Life Science, Jorge Moll takes a look at studies that show how good giving can really be.


The Study of Giving

The study for the article was done for the National Institutes of Health and directly involved Jorge Moll and his colleague in the study Jordan Grafman. The study consisted of nineteen people and they were given some money to which they could donate it to charity or keep the money for themselves. The results of the study surprised both men. The brains of those who were willing to donate to a charity were much more active in the cerebral cortex area than those who did not give to charity.

The study also showed that when people put the interests of others before their own interests, the participant felt better. The part of the brain that deals with rewards lit up during the testing. The study was done in 2006 by Jorge Moll and Jordan and Jordan Grafman. It proves that giving is not only good for the participant it is good for the brain and its activity as well. Neurologists and scientists are still trying to figure out the exact reason why giving has a positive influence on the brain.

A study like this is why Jorge Moll and his colleagues love figuring out the complex world of the brain. The more work that Jorge Moll does now the more scientists and those like Jorge Moll the better off we will be.