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‘Black Desert Online’ Set for Mobile Release?

There are few gaming experiences more rewarding than logging into a massive sandbox MMORPG and completely setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Black Desert Online exploded onto the scene in the West just a year or so ago as one of the most prominent, deep, and exciting sandbox MMORPGs on the market. The genre itself had become stagnant before the release of BDO, thus breathing new life into the ‘sandbox gimmick’. Now, Black Desert Online is taking its deep gameplay mechanics, luscious graphics, and wonderful character progression system to the mobile market. Is it time to be worried or does Black Desert Online have a chance at succeeding in the platform crossover?

With a game like Black Desert Online, it is completely understandable to worry that the title won’t transfer well to handheld devices. With how deep and expansive Black Desert Online is, it makes sense that people would worry about what would actually make the cut into the mobile market. Fortunately, we do know that a few of the most important aspects of the title will be coming to the mobile systems that we game on. The deep character customization and progression system will be ported over to handheld devices along with guilds and guild wars as well as life skills. World bosses will be added but this will come at the cost of several other key aspects of the game. World fields will be ditched and the Awakening System looks like it is being tossed by the wayside.

What originally drew fans to Black Desert Online, to begin with, was the fact that it was a sandbox MMO that looked like a Triple-A title. With incredible graphics and a deep ‘life system’, gamers were able to make themselves whoever they wanted to be. There was no endless grinding for quests. Will the mobile version of the game still hold this same escapist allure? We can’t say yet, but South Korea will find out first when the mobile title releases in January of 2018.