Dr. Mark McKenna Establishes Himself As A Successful Businessman

Dr. Mark McKenna is a qualified doctor who chose business over medicine. He graduated from Tulane School of Medicine in 1999 and started his real estate company. The New Orleans native practiced medicine alongside his father while he built his business on the side. In 2005, Hurricane Catrina swept his business, and he lost millions of monies. He tried rebuilding it but later dissolved it and moved to Atlanta where he started ShapeMed a group of offices that specialized in cosmetic treatments.


Dr. Mark McKenna sold out his business to lifetime fitness, a big box gym run by the general public and was employed as one of the staff in 2015. A year later, two prominent private equity companies bought lifetime fitness, and he quit because he couldn’t agree with the corporate’s cultures. He revealed to Forbes that he didn’t want to help someone build their brand and that’s why he opted to sell off ShapeMed and turned down offers of being a medical director to any of the entities.


He has a new expedition, OVME, that has brought in the concept of his old business but is applying the use of apps to connect his medical practitioners with clients. Dr. Mark McKenna told Susan Adams of the Forbes that he would outsource doctors from plastic surgery society gatherings and medical trade shows. His idea was to target middle-level practitioners who would carry out the procedures. He has developed his clinic on 1500sq feet on the ground and has a modern finishing with private wings to give their customers a customized and personal experience. OVME will have membership packages with fair pricing to attract and maintain clientele.


In his Spirit of philanthropy, Dr. Mark McKenna came up with this idea as a way of giving back to the community that gave him so much. Under his guidance, the organization is already set to work in partnership with Make-a-Wish Foundation to help children live their dreams. On behalf of OVME, he pledged that a portion of all their returns from procedures done and product sales will be sent as donations to the foundation to help spread the joy of giving and kindness.



Lime Crime Bringing About Big Changes With New Products

Lime Crime has taken the makeup industry by storm. That’s because they are a company that has decided to branch out and do something different than all the other companies. Their founder and CEO, Doe Deere, saw that there was a need for makeup that made big and bold statements. That’s why Lime Crime products are bright colors which transform users into magical unicorns.

Lime Crime has long been known for their bright lipsticks, bold eyeshadows, magical hair dyes, and more. They are now adding, even more, products to their line. One of those products is the highly anticipated Diamond Dew. Diamond Dew is a liquid eyeshadow which can be used over regular eyeshadow or over a naked lid. According to Lime Crime, Diamond Dew can actually be worn anywhere that a person wants to add some extra glitter!

The new Diamond Dew shadow will come in 10 different shades that include teal blue, iridescent pink. Lime Crime is all about those colors that create bold statements. Like all of their other products, the Diamond Dew shadows will be cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Deere wanted to create a line that everyone can enjoy no matter what their beliefs may be. This latest product is just another magical product people can use to transform themselves. Lime Crime stands behind the philosophy that makeup is an art form. Many people like to express themselves with makeup and Lime Crime is there to help. That’s why they sell such a diverse line of products. There’s literally something for everyone. The colors they provide come in bright reds to dark purples. There’s a color for every holiday, season, and reason.

All of the LimeCrime products, new and old, can be used together to create fresh and unique looks. If someone needs inspiration, Lime Crime even features a Look Book of users showing off some of their favorite products. It’s great for inspiration and for those who need proof that making bold statements with makeup is a great idea. Lime Crime has been releasing quite a few new products this year. First the Unicorn Hair Dye, now the Diamond Dew shadows. It’ll be interesting to see what next year brings.