Prime Time for Lime Crime

The cosmetic company Lime Crime has come to a decision to launch their product in Beijing, China as a response to how well the brand is taking off in the U.S.

Global General Manager for LimeCrime, Kim Walls, had discussed the topic at a conference in Los Angeles at the National Retail Federations shop.Org. Walls discussed how, based on her previous experience, selling the product in any other way may not be ideal for the interest of the company.

One of the bumps in the road that had come up was around Animal Testing. Since Lime Crime is a Vegan cosmetic brand, they would not be testing any of their products on animals. If the products were to be sold Wholesale, it was mandated the the product must be tested on animals. This could be avoided, but only if the products were directly shipped from the U.S.

Shipping to the consumers in China in this way could also result in logistic problems via transportation, as well as tax and duty management issues and international returns and inquiries being written in a foreign language which could cause more issues. These barriers were created by the growing problem with counterfeits of one of the products produced by the company last year. According to Walls, there had been over a million counterfeit units of their Lip Toppers being sold through multiple Chinese Marketplaces.

After making the decision to partner with an L.A based E-commerce fashion platform known as Revolve, Lime Crime had found it’s solution for when they launched their products into China this year. Revolve really stood out to Walls, by servicing a similar consumer from the same prospective.

Lime Crime built a small seeded audience by encouraging people who arrived at their social feeds, and their company’s website, to visit Revolve’s E-commerce services.

Walls added that it was critical to have someone speak on Lime Crime’s behalf. She believed it would generate content with Lime Crime products, and have it fit within their own brand.