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Anthem Delayed

It’s now official. Anthem has been delayed.

EA announced that the long anticipate multiplayer action RPG game that’s being developed by BioWare and that features an open world, will not be released until 2019.

A completely new gaming franchise, Anthem was first announced by EA at last year’s E3. There they also showed off an extensive demo of the game, in which players — who are called “freelancers” and who wear giant exosuits — inhabit a world that reminded some of those that exist in the Destiny franchise, which is created by Bungie. In this new world, the players collect various articles after being dropped off in random locations. At the time of the show, EA said that the game would be released sometime in the fall of 2018 and that it would be available for PCs and consoles.

Blake Jorgensen, who is the chief financial officer of EA, insists that the delay shouldn’t be called as such. He says that the moving of the release date to 2019 is an opportunity. An opportunity to give the game, which is an entirely new property, the attention it needs in order to succeed in what is at the moment a very competitive marketplace.

Jorgensen also disputed a recent news story that claimed that the game would be delayed because the development of it was behind schedule. He said that the report was nothing more than someone trying to spin a story.

Instead of releasing Anthem this fall, the company says that it will release a new title in the Battlefield franchise, to fill the now empty slot in their fall schedule. Though the company did not give any further details about this release.