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Goettl AC Continues to Grow While Staying True to Its Values

Goettl Air Conditioning has seen a whopping 500 percent growth from 2015 to 2016. The company was recently acquired by Goodrich and has seen massive expansion outside its Arizona roots. While expansion and growth are wonderful things for a company built by a family, the true story as told by AZ Central is that Goettl AC recently celebrated its 78th anniversary.

The company was founded by two brothers, Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939 when the cost of gas was just 10 cents a gallon and the very first cars with air conditioning were hitting the streets of Arizona. The two brothers had a dream of bringing air conditioning into every home and by accomplishing that by setting a new standard of excellence in the AC field. As immigrants of Austria Hungary, the Goettl brothers took that commitment very seriously and nearly 80 years later, Goettl hasn’t strayed from the vision of providing such great value that served as the roots of the business’s founding.

Goettl was founded on the principles of a family owned business that wanted to consistently put the customer first. Their values guide them in everything they do as they continue to grow. Among those principles the first and foremost is honoring tradition. Goettl’s founder still works consistently as hands on part of many projects and the entire company honors the vision of their founders by committing to quality and innovation within everything they do for their customers. It is for that reason that all employees not only go through a rigorous review process before becoming part of the Goettl family, but that they have access to continual training to ensure all employees are in the know about the latest trends in the world of AC.

Additional values include a commitment to quality, honesty above all else, reliability to each other and to their customers, innovation and knowledge of the latest technologies and an attention to detail that exceeds all others in the market. Goettl employees value their customers’ homes as their own and ensure that when a project is completed the home is left in better condition than prior to the start of the project.

According to The BroTalk, Goettl is currently working in Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix areas, but has been known as Arizona’s leader in air conditioning since its founding. Arizona Foothills Magazine readers named Goettl as the Best HVAC Company in the entire state in 2017, a testament to the company’s ongoing evolution.