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Lawrence Bender Shows Audiences Vampires From Dusk Till Dawn

How much of an involvement Lawrence Bender had with From Dusk Till Dawn can be described as somewhat ambiguous. Bender is credited as the executive producer of the project. This would likely infer he worked on the development of the movie more than hands-on during production. No matter what his capacity was, Lawrence Bender did get to work with some truly talented people. In addition to once again teaming with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, the film features a collaboration with Robert Kurtzman. A story credit is given to Kurtzman who would later create the outstanding terror film Cabin Fever in 2002.

From Dusk Till Dawn came at a time when the horror genre was somewhat stalled at the box office. While not a major hit, From Dusk Till Dawn was able to connect with horror fans and gain a decent following.

Vampire movies went through a lot of changes in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. The Lost Boys, Fright Night, and Interview with the Vampire contributed significant changes to films featuring the nocturnal bloodsuckers. The changes were necessary because the classic concept of the vampire in a cape had become outdated. Drawing fans into a horror movie would be difficult when the film featured monsters that aren’t scary. From Dusk Till Dawn didn’t try to completely change the presentation of a vampire. Instead, the movie took a genre-crossing approach. The film added elements from action and crime features. Doing so made From Dusk Till Dawn a fast-paced film that has gained greater appreciation over the years.

Two films in between From Dusk Till Dawn on Lawrence Bender’s resume are Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting. Both films garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Motion Picture of the Year. Why would Lawrence Bender choose to work on a B-movie while also developing two prestige projects? Producers run production companies that herald involvement with all sorts of different features in different stages of development. Clearly, this project appealed to Tarantino since he wrote the screenplay and acted in the film. Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino simply continued their working relationship with the odd horror film.

Sean Penn Has Created A Garrulous Masterpiece With Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has had his name on numerous film and theater productions, been a director, producer, actor and writer, won Academy Awards, published opinion pieces and worked as a correspondent in the war. He established himself more recently as the author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. This is a garrulous and funny depiction of a septic tank salesman. He works for the United States government on the side as a contract killer. The book has already provoked the expected reactions from the critics.

Sean Penn spoke of the difference between the collaboration of a film project and standing alone as the author of a book. He decided he was no longer satisfied playing with others and wanted to do something that did not involve financial backing and creative collaborations. He wanted to remove the burden of expectations associated with films and be responsible for his own fate. He admits he has something else cooking but says it does not involve acting. He stated he may eventually direct another movie but he has become very particular. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff reads like one massive prose poem and it’s not an easy read; it is a dense book for sure.

Sean Penn’s colleagues and friends have said amazing things regarding his book. He said he enjoyed acting but feels if his book influences someone it is because they drew their own conclusions with their own words. He also said he believes most of what he has heard about his book was from individuals who had not yet read the novel. The style of his book reflects his career as a screenplay writer. He never became an expert with a laptop and was eventually unable to find a ribbon for his favorite typewriter. This was when he began writing in longhand and realized he was quicker with his fingers.


He discussed what he talked about in Bob honey who just do stuff and says the ideas depend on the way it is read. He has encouraged any movement trying to create social equality. He stated the parallel movement increase superficiality. He questions the reason behind the way people feel. Sean Penn believes if people do not work for inclusion they are working for divisiveness. He does not think a novel should be viewed as an opinion piece.

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