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The Aspire Residential Units in New Brunswick are Loaded with Amenities

The Aspire is another successful project by Boraie Development. Located in the city center of New Brunswick, New Jersey, it offers 238 residential units along with retail space. The Aspire’s amenities and location give the luxury apartments a desirable address for New Brunswick professionals.


The Aspire puts dining, nightlife, and shopping right outside its doors. The Children’s Cancer Institute, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System, and the New Brunswick Train Station are a short walk away. The Aspire feels secure with an around-the-clock doorman. The parking garage offers immediate lobby access via an elevator. The Aspire is pet-friendly and features a fitness and yoga center, a Resident’s Club with Library, a rooftop deck with barbeque space, and available indoor bike storage.


Boraie Development gets a lot of attention from its partnership with Shaquille O’Neal. With O’Neal lending capital and name recognition, and Boraie bringing the connections and experience, they focus on developing Jersey’s urban areas. These areas remind the former NBA star of his childhood growing up in Newark, where he spent many hours at the local movie theater and Boys and Girls Club because staying off the streets was crucial.  For more details you can checkout


Mr. O’Neal, now residing in Orlando, has already succeeded with the opening of the CityPlex12 Newark movie theater. With a $7 million investment, Boraie Development converted an old theater on Springfield Avenue into the CityPlex12. The theater’s opening was a transitional moment for Newark, bringing a new spirit into the neighborhood. Mr. O’Neal views his foray into property development as contributing to his childhood city. Omar Boraie, head of Boraie Development, believes these smart investments bring a return on dollars because they are building the right product.


Omar Boraie arrived in the U.S. from Egypt in 1970 to pursue his doctorate. He ended up in real estate, with his children now members of the company. Mr. Boraie met Mr. O’Neal in 2005 and they decided to team up to create new developments in Newark. Real-estate ventures by pro athletes don’t always succeed. With Boraie building over a million square feet of property in New Jersey, O’Neal had confidence his collaboration with Boraie would work.


Boraie Development offers services including Property Management, Real Estate Development, Sales, and Marketing. Boraie is dedicated to providing clients with sensational property developments. They deliver unmatched service by having long-standing relationships with architects and financial institutions. The end result is another triumphant project by Boraie Development. You can visit for more info.



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The Osteo Relief Institute Wants You To Live Successfully With Osteoarthritis

One of the least publicized medical conditions affecting an estimated 50 million people in the U.S. is arthritis, a general term referring to joint pain or stiffness that can take more than 100 different forms. There are a number of aspects of arthritis that should be understood and explored by those affected by this common medical condition, including the need to self-manage what is essentially a condition without any overall cure; as the leading cause of disability in the nation each person affected by osteoarthritis should take a few steps each day to keep their joints moving and to limit the level of pain they feel with the aid of specialists such as the Osteo Relief Institute.


Osteoarthritis can be characterized by the breaking down of cartilage between the bones in a joint causing the bones to rub and cause pain when moved.(LinkedIn) When a patient is diagnosed with osteoarthritis it is important to take a few steps to reduce the level of problems seen in the condition with the aid of the Osteo Relief Institute; ( a regular daily routine must be attained that includes gentle exercise each morning and night to avoid the stiffness that can occur with osteoarthritis. Other steps that should be remembered are to adjust seating and standing positions throughout each day to avoid stiffness and to reduce the weight of the individual affected to limit the problems caused by excessive size and inactivity.


The Osteo Relief Institute is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of arthritis and joint pain issues and is located across the U.S. to make sure the excellent care provided by board certified physicians and surgeons are passed on to as many patients as possible.


The aim of the Osteo Relief Institute is to provide a wide range of treatment and support services that can be used by patients who are looking to avoid surgical options for as long as possible after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The Osteo Relief Institute also offers support to patients affected by a range of joint and back pain issues designed to allow as normal a life as possible to be lived for a long period of time.

The 33 Year Veteran Named Chairman of Capital Group

Timothy D. Armour is the new chief executive officer, chairman and the director of Capital Group Companies, Inc. He has also been bestowed the title of principle executive officer and the equity portfolio manager of the company. This happened after the company lost its current chairman Jim Rothenberg of heart attack. This was followed by the election of the new chairman who was elected due to its commitment and devotion to the company for more than thirty two years, always showing improvements.

Timothy graduated from Middlebury College, Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in economics. After which, he worked for Capital Group as a participant for the Associates Program in 1983. Tim has always been an ambitious student and employee. His hard work was rewarded then he was made an equity investment analyst. His career has always been a success as he was promoted to the position of the assistant chairman. All these experiences as an investment analyst and his commitment to his work and the company made the election go smoothly during his election for main reason that his talents had been recognized by his colleagues and the board.

With over 33 years experience in the investment industry, Tim Armour can be described as an expert. He points out that the economy of the United States is not growing as many would wish. There are still a few challenges the country faces and for that, the Federal Reserve is inclined to increase the interest rates in the coming days. This is fueled by the undue risks that investors are expected to face. In relation to this, Tim Armour advises managers and company chairs to show commitment to their companies. He believes that in so doing, they are at a better position to analyze and fully comprehend their companies and therefore invest the resources necessary to the opportunities that they are yet to unveil.

In 2015, the Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management, a SEOUL Based company, officially announced their strategic partnership which was meant to come up with strategic solutions for investors in Korea, both in retail and in organizations. The Capital Group is determined to provide business counsel and information necessary for the management of the company. Tim shared his commitment to develop and invent more strategies that will be beneficial to the investors in regards to their savings and retirement benefits. Through this partnership, the two companies expect to improve their service to the investors.