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Adam Milstein: Condemning the Alliance of Anti-Semitics

Adam Milstein is a Jewish businessman and writer, and he keeps on updating his website dedicated to the Jewish People. One of the most recent articles that he has written for the website was about the global alliance against the Jewish people and the State of Israel. He discussed in his articles how the radical organizations are grouping to attack them. The radical left, the radical right, and the radical Muslims are all displaying hatred towards the Jewish People, and according to Adam Milstein, the attacks against his people keep on increasing each year, and he wanted to put an end to it. The Anti-Semitic sentiment is very strong, and he does not have any idea why the people are being persecuted for the actions of his government.

Adam Milstein added that the unholy alliance between the radical Muslim groups and the radical left are growing strongly, especially in Europe and North America. It is a common practice for radical Muslims to persecute homosexuals and dismiss the rights of women and the minorities, which should sound unappealing to the radical left, but lo and behold, they decided to join alliances just to attack the Jewish people. Adam Milstein theorized that the alliance between the radical Muslims and the radical left exists because the far left thought of the Muslims as a single body, which is not the case. There are different groups of Muslims around the world, and for the radical left, they looked at them as a single body oppressed by the West. These groups are becoming a huge threat towards the people of Israel, and the government must do something to protect everyone from their growing influence.

For the far left groups, Israel is a white-supremacist oppressor who has targeted Muslims for years, and some groups are blaming the country for all of the problems in the Middle East. Radical Muslims have also joined the fight against Israel, and they are conducting several marches and political rallies condemning the Jewish State. Adam Milstein is calling upon the alliances of Israel, and he is pleading that they also move to stop these groups from spreading their false beliefs.

Jeremy Goldstein is a Man of Vision when it comes to Employee Compensation

Many companies often offered stock options to employees as a means of alternative and additional compensation. While the advantages were often worthwhile, a lot of companies and corporations have dispensed with the practice. There were several basics principles that led to the abandonment of the programs including the price of the company stock may drop making it impossible for employees to exercise their options at a reasonable profit, the options may result in increased accounting expenses making the associated costs more expensive than the financial advantages.


A draw back to the stock option plan is most employees would rather see higher salaries than additional compensation hinging on the economic health of the company. To some stock option compensation is preferable to better insurance coverage, higher salaries and equities because it is easier to understand stock options and is more evenly distributed than other types of compensation. Stock options give employees a sense of pride and personal investment while encouraging employees to work harder for more customer satisfaction, develop innovative ways to conduct business and attract more desirable clients.


The best solution to stock options is what is called a “knockout.” They work the same as stock options in principle, but if the stock price falls below a prescribed value, they are lost. To keep the system’s integrity, the down time must meet a time frame such as a week rather than a few hours. This option may reduce initial costs as options are valid for a shorter period of time. Knockout clauses often enhance the bottom line as the annual proxy gives a more accurate earnings outlook, as it lowers executive compensation figures as reported on the annual disclosure forms.


Knockout options do not solve all the problems, but they do seem to eliminate some of the larger obstacles associated with stock options as a preferred method of added compensation. As companies are abandoning stock options for other preferred methods such as knockouts, it is wise to understand that companies have to wait for all the old benefits to clear before stating something new and that could take 6 months or more.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC and focuses on advising compensation committees for large corporations. Before the founding of his own company, Goldstein was an attorney at law in New York City. His practice focused on offering advice to large corporations to help them better handle EPS (earnings per share). EPS’s often influence stock prices. Goldstein earned his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the New York University School of Law.


Goldstein has worked with large corporations including stockholding companies, oil and petroleum companies, banking and similar financial institutions and cellular companies. Goldstein is considered one of the top attorney’s by the Legal 500, as well as the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Learn 1more:

GTA Online Gets Cool New Racing Update.

There are few games in the industry like GTA Online and the developers at Rockstar are working to keep it that way. The hit online game has been getting consistent updates for the past several years in order to keep gamers plugged in and now the developers are unleashing something extra special: the San Andreas Sports Series. This event will be running for several weeks and it will feature a string of new cars, a new racing mode, and new ways to earn some GTA$.

The new update will be aping some of Rockstar’s past successes. Fans of the series will notice the influences from Vice City that the Hotring Circuit, which is currently online, has embraced. They’ll also notice a large improvement thanks to the recently released ‘Cunning Stunts’ update. The Hotring Circuit allows up to 30 players to join in on the mayhem and participants will be gaining double GTA$ and RP for their effort all the way until March 26th.

There are a slew of new cars available for purchase but they are going to cost players a pretty penny. Head to Legendary Motorsport in order to test your wallet buying the Overflod Entity XXR or the Vulcar Fagaloa station wagon. Just for reference, the XXR will cost players over $2.3 million. These cars all boast tangible benefits in comparison to other, older GTA:O models, but they aren’t going to be must-use for the Hotring Circuit.

Looking past the San Andreas Sports Series, Rockstar has also been talking about their Target Assault mode. In this new game mode, players will match up in teams of two versus up to eight teams at a time. Basically, this game mode will be like GTA:O’s version of ‘Death Race’ where you have a gunner on your back and a mandate to eliminate all of your enemies at your own discretion. This new mode looks like another great layer of mayhem to one of the more successful online games around in the current generation of options.

Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program May Hurt PC Gamers (And AMD)

According to Nvidia, the GeForce Partner Program benefits everyone in numerous ways. Manufacturers that produce Nvidia GPUs receive early access to new technologies. They also receive extended support and marketing services. On the other hand, gamers are supposed to see more transparent companies and superior products. The official GPP announcement may have left a few details out of the situation, though. It turns out Nvidia may be the only winner in this entire situation.

What Joining The GPP May Mean

New claims suggest that GeForce Partners must dedicate their “Gaming” brands to Nvidia alone. Currently, many GPU manufacturers assign their “Gaming” designation to both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. This includes companies like MSI, Asus, and a handful of others. If a company joins the GPP, then they must reportedly give that branding exclusively to Nvidia. How this benefits Nvidia is obvious. Still, not everyone may realize how it hurts AMD, and more importantly, consumers.

How This Setup Hurts A Lot Of People (And Companies)

When consumers build high-end PCs, they often opt for the “Gaming” variants of those GPUs. Of course, these variants aren’t leagues beyond similar options, but the “Gaming” designation makes a difference nonetheless. Manufacturers in the GPP will spend more marketing efforts on Nvidia GPUs rather than AMD GPUs. Consumers may not know which AMD alternatives are comparable to the Nvidia GPUs. This confusion and ensuing lack of brand recognition could easily hurt consumers above all else.

Consumers will eventually feel the pain because Nvidia GPUs are always more expensive than comparable AMD GPUs. In some cases, they provide better performance, but not everyone prioritizes performances over price. AMD could lose its ability to compete in the high-end GPU market thanks to the GeForce Partner Program. Other consequences from the GPP could include less innovation from AMD and less consumer choices. With that in mind, the GPP is anticompetitive at least and a huge blow to transparency and consumers at worst.