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Valve Acquires Campo Santo Game Studio

Valve, the massively influential game distributor known for its Steam platform, recently acquired Campo Santo. Campo Santo, a 12-person team of developers, has admitted to have a love for making games and expressed an understanding that Valve had a similar passion for game and mutual respect for what Camp Santo does. The Campo Santo team will now relocate to Valve’s base of operations in Seattle, Washington.

Beyond stating that they were joining up with Valve, Campo Santo went on to state that “In The Valley of Gods,” their newest offering of electronic entertainment in the adventure genre, would not be reworked into a PC-exclusive title in deference to its new overseers. Campo Santo also stated that is would continue to provide support and updates to “Firewatch” and release “The Quarterly Review,” a literary journal.

Founded in 1966, Valve is a company that created such well-regarded titles as “Half-Life,” “Counterstrike” and “Portal.” It later went on to create the Steam content distribution platform after discovering that the existing methods of commerce proved inefficient for its business model. Beyond its acquisition of Campo Santo, the company has also recently stated that it was working on “Artifact,” a digital card game whose content and mechanics would be inspired by its “Defense of the Ancients 2,” a free-to-play and hugely popular Mult-user Online Battle Arena title.

Formerly-San Francisco-based, Campo Santo was founded in 2013 by Nels Anderson, Olly Moss, Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman. The company released Firewatch, currently its only released video game, in 2016. Firewatch is a narrative-driven game with a first-person perspective set in the late 1980s and has players controlling Henry, a fire lookout for the Shoshone National Forest. The game has received six nominations and two awards for “Best Debut” from both Game Developers Choice and British Academy Games. Firewatch was also the topic of discussion regarding a live action film, produced in collaboration between Campo Santo and the Good Universe film production company.

Barbara Stokes Changing Lives Building Manufactured Homes

Barbara Stokes is the co-founder and current CEO of Green Structure, Inc., a Huntsville, Alabama based company specializing in wood and steel manufactured homes. The homes Green Structure manufactures are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, hurricane rated, and are resistant to mold, mildew and various types of pests. These homes are completely customizable to meet individual client needs. Clients are able to determine how many bedrooms they want, as well as the various materials they want used throughout the interior of the home. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The Green Structure teams is proud that these homes are environmentally friendly. This is accomplished by completing the initial build off-site which allows for a smaller workforce; they also use locally sourced materials. Once the home is completed it is able to be put together at the clients site in just a few days’ time. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these homes are extremely energy efficient. The steel roof has the ability to reflex the radiation from the sun, helping the home stay cool when it is hot. The building team also uses R-19 insulation throughout the walls of the home.

In addition to building manufactured homes, Green Structure offers a number of in-house services. Some of these include: land planning, project management, structural and civil engineering, architecture design, and, among others, complete on-site coordination and installation. Offering these in-house services allows the client to experience a seamless process from beginning to end. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Stokes and her team take pride in supporting FEMA and the United States Government. In 2017, Barbara Stokes announced that they will continue to support FEMA by creating new jobs in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. These jobs will focus on building modular homes to support the monumental relief efforts needed to help the millions of people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Barbara Stokes studied biomedical engineer as well as manufacturing and management, technical communication, structures and properties of materials and thermodynamics at Mercer University. Following her college graduation in 2001, she began to gain experience within the industry at Pisces Corporation and Boeing.


The Brains behind OSI group- Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is currently the Chief Executive Officer and chairperson of the OSI group of companies, which is are privately owned companies known for meat processing that services the retail and food service industries. Their headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois but they have branches in at least seventeen countries around the globe. Since 1970, Sheldon has been working with OSI Group when it was still known as Otto & Sons. He was appointed as the partner in 1975 and became dedicated to his work full time. Sheldon is the man behind the expansion of the company from a small Chicago-based operation to other parts of the country and worldwide. It is quite evident from the acquisition of Baho Food in Germany and Flagship Europe, Sheldon Lavin is moving forward to expand the presence of OSI Group in every part of Europe.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin OSI food solutions, Spain added a high capacity chicken production line to its existing operation in Toledo on August 2017 and it cost them 17 million Euros. The quantity and quality of chicken products have doubled 12,000 tons. Twenty new jobs have been created which has been of great benefit to the locals. They have a new surveillance and firefighting system that is part of improving the security of the plant. It is not surprising since in August 2006 OSI Group acquired Amick Farms to expand their meat-processing base. In 2016, OSI Group also bought the former Tyson plant in Chicago that has helped in increasing its branches in North American production activities. Also, they opened a plant in California to process and distribute beans, rice and tofu products.

Sheldon Lavin believes in giving back to the society, and that is why he is involved with many charities like Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Jewish United Fund among others as a board of trustees. The Global Visionary Award was awarded to Sheldon Lavin on 20th February 2016, by India’s Vision World Academy in India. It was the fifth time that the Academy held the ceremony to honor different people for their extraordinary work. The award recognizes people in various sectors that have accomplished their dreams through perseverance and had a vision of the more prominent picture they want to achieve. Apart from Sheldon winning several awards, OSI Group has received other distinct awards such as the Globe of Honor Award that was awarded by the British Safety Council. The award recognized organizations that had developed creative means of curbing environmental pollution. Forbes ranked OSI Group top 100 as the 66th company in the food and beverage market. According to his interview with CEOCFO magazine, Sheldon’s vision is to grow the company to be an excellent food processing enterprise.

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Cosmetic Friend of Lime Crime

Lime Crime (Our Mission)


A woman’s pain is her beauty and cosmetic is her confidence. She is daughter, a wife and mother, an entrepreneur and herself, she walks to her dignity and respect. While she work through the restless days and nights, making herself beautiful with every pain, ‘Lime Crime’ takes the responsibility of her, self confidence and the happiness of being beautiful. Lime Crime, is the safe to use cosmetic friend, with a touch of innovation in every product.


Doe Deere (The Creator of Lime Crime)


Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of the Lime Crime Cosmetics, is a Russian born and New York raised ambitious female entrepreneur. As a child she was very artistic and imaginative, she loved colorful clothes and accessories from very beginning. Her love for colors and innovative thoughts pushed her to launch the bold, highly pigmented and vibrant cosmetics in the market, which are animal friendly and completely safe.


As Deere believes, “Beauty is not about, what’s natural and what looks best, rather it’s about what looks right at the moment and gives you confidence. With the thought, she created and launched her, bold, intense and trend setting cosmetics, in 2008. The idea for a make up brand originated, when she was inspired by the bright and unusual colors and realized they were hard to find, so she created cosmetics of her favorite bright colors.


Lime Crime (About the company)


Lime Crime, the only revolutionary make up company, that let’s you to flaunt your inner beauty and confidence. Whether it is a special occasion or daily life, Lime Crime collections are the perfect choice, for the magic touch. Lime Crime cares about your make up mood and desire.

Not to forget about the certifications presented by the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Leaping Bunny for being certified Vegan and Cruelty- free beauty products. While there is no use of animal ingredients and byproduct such as beeswax, lanolin and whey making it the Vegan make up. It also doesn’t test it’s products on animals making it the Cruelty- free make up product. The products are made with great care and tested by the CEO of the company Doe Deere and other company members.


Lime Crime (The Name)


It was 2004, when Deere needed a name for her new eBay store, all of a sudden she thought of the unique yet bold name ‘Lime Crime’, while she thought the name was different and available to register, gradually it made all its way to be trend setting, being brave and rule breaking. For Deere, the name is a blessing in disguise, unique and google-able. Lime Crime in the name to shake things up. Learn more: