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Jeffry Schneider Is A Corporate Leader With Vision

Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider has built a career that is nothing short of impressive.

As the Founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, he has remained committed to delivering on excellence while also serving as a trusted leader in the financial services industry.

His values range from maintaining accountability for how one navigates through life to being an ally for women’s equity in the workplace.

Backed by a degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Schneider has been able to leverage his expertise in the financial services industry for over 25 plus years.

Located in Austin, Texas, Ascendant partners with a diverse roster of clients at the executive level to meet their financial brokerage needs.

Jeffry Schneider

Originally from New York, Schneider has traveled the world over serving as a volunteer to various relief organizations while also competing globally as a marathon runner.

There has been no challenge that Schneider has not made a point to summit both professionally and personally.

His drive for excellence continues to serve him well as a corporate leader and local humanitarian.

For Schneider, success comes from acute self-awareness and a tenacious drive to be of service to those that need you the most.

His reputation for achieving goals that many would not even dare to pursue precedes him, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He takes tremendous pride in the fact that his calculated risks have earned him gatekeeper status and prestige as the CEO of Ascendant.

With conviction and vision Schneider is determined to elevate his company and personal endeavors to new horizons.

“Paul Saunders of James River Capital Discusses Burnout “

Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital. He is also the chairman of James Rivers Capital Corporations. Having worked with many people during his career, Paul Saunders know a lot about burnout. Employee burnout is a serious issue in every company. Those that detect the problem early can deal with it early before it affects operations. When you mix the stress of personal life and work, the result is burnout. As an employer, you should pay attention to warning signs of burnout and find solutions. Paul Saunders discussed signs of burnout and possible solutions.


Lack of transparency


Saunders explained that when employees feel abandoned or neglected for incentives or promotions, they start developing negative feelings which lead to burnout. Compensating a section of employees and leaving out the rest can cause trouble in your company. To avoid burnout as a result of favoritism, treat employees equally, be honest and transparent. Introducing workshop programs to help employees deal with burnout is also helpful.


Lack of Control


Employees feel helpless when everything is planned for them in the workplace. Creating schedules for employees can put unnecessary pressure on employees to perform. When they fail to meet set expectations, they can feel bad about themselves, resulting in burnout. Some companies set unrealistic goals for employees to meet within a short period. Burnout resulted from failure to meet the objectives of demotivates employees. They don’t give their best because they consider themselves as failures. To avoid burnout, allow employees to create their schedules. They can set small goals in the morning for the day. Doing this gives them control over their work and makes them responsible for what they do. Moreover, the management should award those who meet personal objectives. The goal is to let employees be themselves without pressure.


Loss of confidence


Employees lose confidence when they experience burnout. Even small tasks seem impossible due to a lack of morale. Individuals who are not confident in their work cannot deliver good results. Thus, companies should implement strategies that boost employee morale such as awarding good performance and encouraging them to continue despite failure. An employee can be experiencing non-work related stress that affects their view about life. As an employer, notice when there is a change of attitude and talk with the individual employee. Counseling can help employees deal with personal issues.


Paul Saunders says everyone has a role to play to avoid burnout. Talking to someone or disengaging from stressful situations helps overcome burnout. Forming a good relationship with employees helps you realize when there is a change of attitude and how to address it. Everyone is different and how you deal with an issue affecting one employee may be different for another person. Learn more:


Sandy Chin Encourages Reading in Students

Sandy Chin, Tidal Bore Capital’s Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, saw a need for the children at a special public elementary school in New York City’s West Side to be provided with books to read over the summer. The William T. Harris School, known as PS 11, includes two low-income housing projects, and it would be a financial burden for their parents to have to buy the books. The PTA is already active in raising money to purchase necessary school supplies at no cost to the families.


The school summer break lasts for three months, and with no books to read, many students will actually backslide a reading grade level. Although many public libraries have summer reading programs for students, a majority of those low-income kids don’t have the chance to go to the library. In addition, actually owning a book is like a treasure to most children as they can hold and touch it and re-read it as often as they want.


Sandy Chin put together a volunteer “PS11 book drive team,” and they held a “Books, Boxes & Bodies” effort in June of 2018. Their goal was to hopefully get enough used books donated to give each kindergartener several books to call their own and to read over the summer break. The overwhelming response was the donation of more than 3,500 books! That meant that the students in all the other grades got to do the same.


Students loved being able to choose their own books, but it was frustrating if they chose some beyond their reading levels. Sandy, together with teachers and parents, sorted the books according to their grade and level before distributing them to the children.


After over 20 years in various financial sectors, Sandy Chin now runs a hedge fund company of her own along with a business partner, Bill Leach. However, she knows the excitement of reading and owning books because she fell in love with them when she was just a young child. She still has a penchant for English literature, fantasy, and science fiction. She shares her passion for books with her son and daughter and feels that they are living tributes to the power of reading.


With the tremendous success of that first book drive, it will now become an annual event at PS 11. It is hoped that other schools will follow that fine example.


“The Medical Missions of Dr. Saad Saad “

Dr. Saad Saad first began his career during the 1980s when the Saudi Arabian royal family first took an interest in him. The reason that they took such an interest in him came from Dr. Saad Saad’s unique qualifications for the job. For example, he’s the only pediatric doctor in the region who has a board certification from the United States to do this work. Board certifications give more credence to the doctor’s work, and it requires a little more education even after they have finished medical school because it requires a specialization. Another thing that made him popular was the fact that he was one of the only ones who had fluency in both English and Arabic.


Dr. Saad Saad’s Origins

Dr. Saad Saad was first born in Kuwait, Palestine, and here is where he was raised. Later, Dr. Saad Saad continued onward to receive his degree from Cairo University. After this point, Dr. Saad Saad wanted to further his education, and he moved over to the United States to learn more. He became a board-certified surgeon in the United States, which gave his career increased credibility. This was how Dr. Saad Saad eventually came to work for the royal Saudi family.


Respected in the Medical Community

Working hard for his career, Dr. Saad Saad earned a concrete reputation in the community as someone you could respect. When he had an opinion on whether to airlift someone out for surgery, people listened to him because his opinion carried weight. The Saudi royal family called on him to perform everything from the smallest and least complicated surgeries to some of the most difficult surgeries. Learn more:


All Humans are Equal in God’s Eyes

Dr. Saad Saad believes that each and every human on this planet was created equal. He says that man has only to look at the organs of humans to realize the equality among us. We all have the same organs. He continued with recommending and hoping that people might read some biographies about Abraham Lincoln to get a better idea of how great human beings think. It’s one of Dr. Saad Saad’s role models.


Throughout his time, he’s been a highly influential surgeon who has worked for the betterment of Saudi Arabia. What has made him a great surgeon has been the fact that he continues to educate himself and grow as a surgeon.