“Paul Saunders of James River Capital on Job Burnout “

In “Paul Saunders, Principal @ James River Capital Corp., on Burnout,” Paul Saunders explains the dangers of burnout in the workforce and how employees are negatively affected by it. Saunders also mentions various types of burnout experienced by employees and possible ways to remedy it.


For a loss of control, Saunders explains that this type of burnout affects individuals that have lost control over scheduling and time management. Also, he mentions that giving employees inflexible schedules or policies can make them feel trapped and helpless. Saunders states that employees should take 10-15 minutes to outline goals to accomplish to help them regain control of their schedule.


For burnout due to a lack of transparency, Saunders notes that employees run a higher risk of negative feelings about upper management and the company. He explains that this is caused employees being overlooked for a promotion, or are feeling neglected by upper management. To combat this, Saunders says to be open with employees and to give reasonable explanations.


According to Saunders, employees that are stressed are more prone to anger and can be suddenly upset. He explains that burnout can contribute to “moodiness, negativity, and an overall lack of motivation” while working. Saunders suggests to talk to the employee and to offer support. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/272365860


The final warning sign for burnout stated in the article is caused by a loss of confidence. Saunders notes that employees experiencing burnout will often second-guess themselves and their work. Individuals that are not confident in their work won’t contribute to their current tasks. Saunders explains that by checking in with employees and by helping them to set small personal goals, they can get back on track and helps them to overcome their loss of confidence.


In addition, Saunders points out how burnout is very common in the workforce and that you should pay attention to the warning signs and ensure that you do what you can to help set employees up for long-term success.


Paul Saunders is the founder and CEO of James River Capital Corp as well as the portfolio manager of the company’s financial products. He has served as Chairman and CEO of both James River Capital Corp and James River Financial Corp since 1995.


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