James River Capital: Raising and Training New Leaders

The James River Capital is a Virginia-based financial and investment firm that focuses on providing investment advisory services and a variety of financial services including investment management and commodity trading. The company is known for raising and training individuals on how they could become an effective leader. Some of the key people within the company managed to climb the top using the experiences that they gained while working within the James River Capital. They had to understand all aspects of becoming a leader, and they are also measured on their ability to solve different issues. According to the company, there are three ways on how to become an effective leader, and the James River Capital management is making sure that the corporate leaders are applying these three basic principles into their career.


The first principle revolves on supporting the team, and not to lead them. Supporting is different from leading, and James River Capital wanted to see everyone within the company helping out each other, instead of pointing out someone who would become the leader and just commanding everyone what to do. Seeing everyone working together is better, and it would develop a diverse branch of skills for those who are cooperating with completing the task. The James River Capital is a great company to work with, and they will ensure that the people working for them will be exposed to tasks that require cooperation.


Another principle that is being encouraged by the company would be encouraging escalations to happen within the workplace. According to statistics, many employees hesitate to communicate with their bosses, especially if it concerns a negative behavior among their colleagues that could lead someone in trouble. The James River Capital is encouraging all employees to talk with their bosses if they noticed something negative, especially with the performances of their colleagues. It would not always mean that they will be terminated or be given a disciplinary action, but it can be an opportunity for them to grow and become better. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


Finally, the James River Capital is putting an emphasis on the opinion of everyone inside the workplace. If an employee has a suggestion, the management is welcome to review it and see what they can do about it. The company also stated that the leaders should always be open when their members are trying to communicate, and listen to what they wanted to say. Through open communication, new solutions can be established, making the task easier to accomplish. The James River Capital highlighted that other companies lack this principle, with some employees being asked to keep their opinions to themselves. However, this would only encourage a toxic workplace that would paint a negative reputation towards the employees and everyone who works with them, including their customers and business partners.


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