The life principals that lead to the success of Vijay Eswaran

In 1960 October 7, that’s when Vijay Eswaran was born in a place called Penang, Malaysia. Then the father was offering his services as a ministry of labor, while the mother was working as a teacher. The family moved to different cities often because of his father’s work. One thing that the Vijay parents ensured is that he received a good education. Vijay Eswaran graduated in 1984 from London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics.

After he finished his schooling at LSE, he started off working the menial jobs at the construction and harvesting grapes. Though things changed for him when he moved back to the UK. That’s the same place that he got to learn about binary system marketing because he got the UK CIMA qualification. Then he joined the Southern Illinois University based in U.S. where he studied for his MBA in 1986. At the same time, he was offering his services at Synaptic where he worked part-time in the field of multi-level marketing.

In companies based in Southeast Asia and North America, he offered his services as an information system engineer. After 13years of being away, he went back to Malaysia. While there he was approached by Cosway Group if he would like to work with them in the Philippines starting of their marketing operations. In 1998, he participated in the co-founding of MLM Company. The company grew up so fast that it has to change its name to QI Group.

Currently, the company is offering its operations through the ten countries. It has regional offices in parts like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. The other side of Vijay Eswaran is that he is a philanthropist. He has offers his money to different charity works. In his native country, he started a charitable arm through QI Group. The other Foundation that Vijay Eswaran began was the Vijayaratnam Foundation that he named after his father.

Nick Vertucci Explains the Reason Why His Real Estate Career Helped his Poker Career

If you are looking for ways to invest smartly, then you might want to take the help of an investment expert. One of the investment experts in the real estate sector is Nick Vertucci, who has been able to achieve tremendous success through his unique and creative investment strategies. Not only is he known for his investment endeavors in the real estate sector, but also his exceptional poker skills. It has helped him make a fortune for himself by not only investing in the real estate sector but also playing poker.

Even though professionally he has been engaged in the real estate business for over a decade, Nick Vertucci never ignored his passion for poker and continued to participate in various poker tournaments, local and national level. Nick Vertucci has learned from some of the best poker players in the industry and has played alongside the likes of Phil Lakk and others. It has helped him learn a lot about poker. From the time he won $8,500 in a poker tournament in California, he decided to take his interest in poker seriously. The success he has achieved in the poker is due to his keen observation skills, which has also helped him make a fortune in the investment world.

Nick Vertucci also guides young poker players to become world-class players. He advises them to learn to keep a straight face when playing poker and be unreadable to other players. Also, players need to know to read other people’s face and how to know what card they are going to play next. It is also essential for people to know when they should quit. Emotional playing should be restricted as it only leads to losses. He advises people to leave the table when they are feeling overwhelmed and come back after taking a break.

James River Capital: Raising and Training New Leaders

The James River Capital is a Virginia-based financial and investment firm that focuses on providing investment advisory services and a variety of financial services including investment management and commodity trading. The company is known for raising and training individuals on how they could become an effective leader. Some of the key people within the company managed to climb the top using the experiences that they gained while working within the James River Capital. They had to understand all aspects of becoming a leader, and they are also measured on their ability to solve different issues. According to the company, there are three ways on how to become an effective leader, and the James River Capital management is making sure that the corporate leaders are applying these three basic principles into their career.


The first principle revolves on supporting the team, and not to lead them. Supporting is different from leading, and James River Capital wanted to see everyone within the company helping out each other, instead of pointing out someone who would become the leader and just commanding everyone what to do. Seeing everyone working together is better, and it would develop a diverse branch of skills for those who are cooperating with completing the task. The James River Capital is a great company to work with, and they will ensure that the people working for them will be exposed to tasks that require cooperation.


Another principle that is being encouraged by the company would be encouraging escalations to happen within the workplace. According to statistics, many employees hesitate to communicate with their bosses, especially if it concerns a negative behavior among their colleagues that could lead someone in trouble. The James River Capital is encouraging all employees to talk with their bosses if they noticed something negative, especially with the performances of their colleagues. It would not always mean that they will be terminated or be given a disciplinary action, but it can be an opportunity for them to grow and become better. Learn more:


Finally, the James River Capital is putting an emphasis on the opinion of everyone inside the workplace. If an employee has a suggestion, the management is welcome to review it and see what they can do about it. The company also stated that the leaders should always be open when their members are trying to communicate, and listen to what they wanted to say. Through open communication, new solutions can be established, making the task easier to accomplish. The James River Capital highlighted that other companies lack this principle, with some employees being asked to keep their opinions to themselves. However, this would only encourage a toxic workplace that would paint a negative reputation towards the employees and everyone who works with them, including their customers and business partners.


Meet Renowned Investor And Philanthropist, Ara Chackerian

Philanthropy is one of the qualities that shows an individual is not just concerned with their own success, but the success of others and the world in general. Ara Chackerian is a dedicated philanthropist that has made a successful living in the investing industry and as an entrepreneur. As Managing Director for ASC Capital, ARA provides financial consulting to build early investments in the health industry. As an advocate for philanthropy, Ara is always showing interest in the medical field as well as technology startups that could improve the healthcare system currently in place.

Throughout his career, Ara Chackerian has founded more than a dozen different companies, with and without partners. All f these companies were focused on healthcare or the environment, two areas that Ara has been passionate about throughout his career. Some of the companies he has founded include BMC Diagnostics, a company dedicated to selling image services and products. He founded PipelineRX, a company that offers telepharmacy services to limited clients. His most significant company in the healthcare industry that he co-founded in TMS Health Solutions which was founded in California in 2008.

Along with his own entrepreneurial endeavors, Ara Chackerian has worked for a number of healthcare companies over the past two decades. He worked as the VP of Research and Development at Health Diagnostics. He also maintained a position at Pipeline Health Holdings until 2017 as a chairman of the board. Ara has also worked as the VP of PSS World Medical, a prominent medical supply company. Ara Chackerian was able to achieve all of this throughout his career with a degree in business management and marketing from Florida State University. This is all impressive, but it is even more impressive that Ara is a successful businessman in the healthcare industry and an active community contributor that has started many community-driven projects in recent years.