Serge Belamant: First Blockchain Debit Card

Banking is undergoing an upheaval thanks to Blockchain technology. In fact, a company called Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc., Developed  debit card utilizing this technology. The man who created the first iteration of Blockchain is Serge Belamant. FIX

Who Is Serge Belamant?

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France in 1953. At the age of 14 his family relocated to South Africa. He enrolled in Highlands North High School for boys. He went on to attend Witwatersrand University where he would study engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics.

Serge Belamant’s Career Path

Became a member of Matrix engineering firm. While there he created applications in relation to optimizing dams and their functions such as levels in RSA and drought prediction.

He was placed at the head of Pretoria, Witwatersrand, and Vereeniging at the Center for Scientific and Industrial Research. His focus was creating in-depth methods of gaining statistical data for a road planning project.

He was sought after by SASWITCH for their IT department. He developed what would become the 2 largest global ATM switch. In 1989, he went on to develop new workstations with his proprietary technology. He created the first RSA POS system and other groundbreaking ideas, but the revenue was divided between the partners.

Later that year He created his own company that would be built off of his six patents including his Funds Transfer System. He would call his new company Net1.

He experienced gains within the first couple of years as his UEPS systems via banks and other financial entities. Financial giant Visa entered into a contract with Net1 in 1995. Net1 developed technology for Visa called the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card.

How The Blockchain Debit Card Works

What Net1 has created with the UEPS technology is going to change the world. Currently, over three million people use the Blockchain debit card. It’s growing due to the fact it has the lowest global banking cost.

The patented technology with the smart card functions as a debit card. It works in conjunction with Europay MasterCard Visa. Just use it as a debit card wherever EMV is welcome. In a nutshell, Blockchain debit cards work like a bank account. The added bonus is there is no bank account related cost.

There is no need for a centralized computer for validation. The Blockchain debit card doesn’t require an electrical connection or a centralized POS. All information will be updated when the cardholder interacts with a centralized ATM or POS. All data is verified by Net1.

The financial future looks brighter for those who choose to attain a Blockchain debit card.

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Vijay Eswaran Shares the Top Habits of Successful People

There are numerous articles on the internet discussing the achievements of Vijay Eswaran as a businessman and the founder of QI Group. It is for this reason, in this article; we would discuss the accomplishments of Vijay Eswaran as an author and speaker. The speeches of Vijay Eswaran are known to be highly inspirational and motivating and give young aged people a lot to learn a lot about. If you are an emerging entrepreneur and want some tips and suggestions on how to overcome the preliminary challenges that you would face then follow the tips of Vijay Eswaran.

In the book that Vijay Eswaran has written named Two Minutes from the Abyss, Vijay Eswaran has elaborately discussed why the entrepreneurs should manage their time wisely if they want to achieve success. Time is the most precious asset that people have, but unfortunately, it is what people misuse the most. Vijay Eswaran wants people to know what they should be doing as an entrepreneur to save time and become more productive. He has also discussed why people should be inclined towards spirituality as well as it helps the person to find themselves and know their full potential. If you are an entrepreneur looking for some motivation, following Vijay Eswaran would help guide you in the right direction.

Vijay Eswaran is successful because he believes that there is no age for learning. There are certain habits that make for a successful person. One of them is that they never stop learning and are always eager to try something new. Also, communication is also essential for people who want to thrive. Also, people like Vijay do not dwell on their failure but rather accept it and get the motivation to do much better. They are also focused on the work they do and never compromise on their work quality just to get ahead of someone.

James River Capital: Leadership Qualities Everyone Should Embrace

Leadership is undertaken by people who are willing to go the extra mile for the people they are in charge of. When this serious responsibility lands of people who are not ready to work for the rest of the team, any company or business can start preparing for failure. Successful organizations, especially in the modern era, are being operated by experts who take the roles they have been appointed to do so seriously. Leadership, in most cases, is difficult, and it takes so much effort from the person who has been given it. When you are appointed into leadership, experts say that you should not be proud because you will be the boss. For many, this is an opportunity to learn and increase knowledge so that you can support and show your team the best direction. James River Capital is an example of a company that has a powerful and real leader. Paul Saunders, the person behind the influential firm, has shared some of his leadership styles that have made him so successful in his career life. Learn more:


Your team needs your support


The companies leading in different industries are currently being led by professionals who offer their support, not leadership. One of these companies is Facebook. This platform is considered a giant in the market, but its most significant success tip is in the support that is given by the people in the support team. When the top management of a firm changes their roles from leadership to support, companies should expect so much positive changes. These bosses view their roles in a different and positive manner when they start to support their companies.


Encourage and initiative escalation in the business


Paul Saunders realized that workers in his company were a vital investment. Because these people are working in his company for many hours, they know so much, and they can help their leaders by sharing whatever is happening in the background. Many have failed so much because of the communication they have introduced in their companies. When a worker in the company doesn’t trust and feel confident around their boss, they will never speak about their challenges and the things that need to be improved so that they can be comfortable. A leader who thinks about the success of their company will initiate and also support the people who want to communicate in the office. All views, regardless of their origin, should be accepted and appreciated by the leaders in the company. Failure to understand your employees will make them remain quiet, even when the matter in question is crucial and needs immediate attention. The way you approach your employees when speaking to them will determine their loyalty at the end of the day.


Why Neurocore is Becoming Popular

Mental health is a department that is creating a lot of attention in the recent years. Many healthcare professionals have started to create awareness about mental diseases because of a large number of patients dealing with the dangerous health condition. For all humans, the brain has to be in perfect health all the time so that they can have a normal life. When there is anything wrong with the human brain, patients will have a change of emotions, behaviors and even feelings. People fail to understand that they should seek advice when they notice any change in their mental health. See more information about Neurocore at

Life has become extremely challenging for the ordinary citizen. There are people who are getting depressed because life has become overwhelming. There are very few healthcare institutions that have a special department for people with mental illnesses, and this is why it is not easy to address the problem in the world at the moment. Neurocore is one company that has a new mission in the United States. Founded by healthcare experts with a lot of knowledge in brain health, Neurocore has been making the baby steps in making sure that people are getting treated using advanced and safe methods.


In the past, mental patients had to undergo some harsh treatment that could make them relaxed. Most of the people feared this kind of treatment, and they chose to suffer in silence instead of enduring the shame and harsh treatments available in the market. Neurocore forms of treatment are ideal for all mental patients, and they do not have adverse side effects to the people who are sick. The methods used for treatments have been developed by experts in the international medical industry, and they can be trusted. Young people with mental challenges have been beneficiaries of the company since it was founded several months ago.

Neurocore treatments are unique compared to all the other methods in the market. The efficiency of the treatment has been increased because the company uses the most advanced technology. The treatments are also not too costly to the patients, meaning that everyone can walk in the clinic and get help. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.