James River Capital Corp’s location is in Virginia. It offers investment advisory services. It was known as KP Futures Management Corp in 1986. Paul Saunders and his partner Kevin Brandt acquired James river capital in 1995 from Kidder and made it an independent business. Paul Saunders is the Chairman, CEO and Principal Portfolio Manager. Its other executives include;

  • Kevin M Brandt-President, Principal and Cofounder
  • Laura Piper McGrath-Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dieter Oelschlager-Director of hedge fund investments
  • James Hart-Director of Hedgefund research
  • John Heitmuller-Director of Information Technology

It’s registration titles are, an investment advisor with SEC, commodity pool operator with CFTC and commodity trading advisor. By July 2018 more than $570 million was under management in James River products. It operates a website to help the firm acquire qualified employment candidates. The firm also includes both direct and indirect capital from proprietary sources. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc

James River Capital Corp featured a blog about leadership improvement. It stated that leadership is both an art and science. Effective leadership requires excellent skills and development. It requires much effort and time to be a good leader. Researchers from various companies have come up with three simple changes that can improve leadership styles. These are;

  1. Support your team, Don’t lead them: it involves the leader having a close relationship with their team. Motivate them by leading by example and supporting the teams work. This strategy is common to the Facebook leaders.
  2. To encourage and welcome Escalation: without openness and transparency in communication, there will be no innovation, collaboration, and engagement with employees. Most workers will avoid their bosses if they feel presenting an issue will cause them trouble. Through the research, ‘psychological safety‘ was discovered. It means a leader’s operation gives people the freedom to present challenges, problems, and improvements.
  3. Everyone’s opinion matters: one of the main obstacles in moving forward is holding back. A leader should ensure all his team members participate in meetings, decision making, etc. They should keep track of everyone to ensure even the quiet ones engage freely. Make them feel that their opinions are wanted and valued.


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