End Citizens United Believes in Molly Kelly in the NH governors races

In the race for the governor of New Hampshire, End Citizens United (ECU), a political action committee (PAC) that wants campaign reform, has chosen Molly Kelly, a Democrat, as the one that they want to win.

ECU was started as way to deal with the consequences of the Supreme Court decision in the Citizen’s United v. Federal Election case. Supreme Court basically decided that there is really no limits on what a corporation can give to a political candidate.

Traditionally, End Citizens United has only endorsed candidates that are running for federal office. They formed a branch that will endorse non-federal candidates and this is the branch that has chosen people like David Garcia in Arizona and Ben Jealous in Maryland.

Tiffany Mueller, the executive director of End Citizens United, believes that Washington DC has become stuck in gridlock and that there are candidates like Molly Kelly are running reform-minded campaigns.

When Molly Kelly becomes governor, Tiffany of End Citizens United thinks that she will get rid of the corrosive influence of corporations and makes sure that government will work for the people. They have no problem endorsing Molly and they will do what they can to help Molly win in November.

When Molly Kelly provided a statement to WMUR radio in New Hampshire, she stated that she is not going to take money from corporations. She will not be tied to special interested. People in her state have become sick of politicians like Chris Sununu who is controlled by the corporations that give him money.

Molly thinks that there are enough politicians tied to corporations in Trump’s Washington. She feels that the interests of the people of her state should be first, not corporate interests.

Molly wants to get rid of the “LLC loophole” in New Hampshire. A person that gives to state-level candidates can own many limited liability corporations.

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