“Graeme Holm Celebrates AFR Award For Work In Financial Sector “

If you are paying attention to the financial sector and you live in Australia or New Zealand then the odds are good that you are familiar with the publication known as the Australian Financial Review (AFR). The Australian Financial Review has a publication reach of nearly 2 million readers and that means that if your company makes any of its coveted lists, you are in pretty good shape. The Australian Financial Review just released their annual 100 Most Innovative Companies list for the seventh year in a row and making the list for the first time ever is Infinity Group Australia, a financial debt-reduction company led by Graeme Holm.


Making the Australian Financial Review’s list of 100 Most Innovative Companies is not only an honor, but it is also absolutely difficult to do. With thousands of companies trying to make the list, only the best of the best end up being selected. Companies are chosen through a selection committee that goes under the name Inventium. Inventium uses a panel to rank companies based on their social impact, the quality of their work, and how important their work actually is to the economy and the community around them. Needless to say, earning a spot on the list is a huge deal but ranking high on it is a whole other feat.


Infinity Group Australia ended up pulling in the 58th ranking for this year’s publication. Landing on the 58th spot immediately puts Infinity Group Australia and Graem Holm’ in the top 5 or 6% of companies in the entire region. Needless to say, Holm and his company were ready to celebrate after the announcement was made. Holm and his fellow co-founder Rebecca Walker were on hand in order to accept the award from the AFR and there were smiles all around. Holm told the publication that he was ‘proud’ to have made the list and that his team deserved all of the credit in the world.


Infinity Group Australia works to help Australians take control of their financial goals by giving them the tools and guidance necessary in order to get in front of their financial problems. Holm had spent more than 15 years working in a major banking environment before deciding that he had to get out so that he could work somewhere where he could make a direct difference with the people of Australia. After spending 15 years working in the financial sector, Holm grew disillusioned by his routine and the fact that he was supposed to sell services rather than help people. After seeing so many Australians come into his office struggling to live paycheck-to-paycheck, Holm decided that he had enough. Infinity Group Australia would be founded after Holm left his prior job and the rest is history. Learn more: https://medium.com/@graemeholm




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