Stop The Clutter That Comes In Your Email Inbox With Unroll Me


Getting emails about different sales and various types of events can be quite annoying. You can find yourself checking and deleting a ton of email that is completely irrelevant to you. People that have this problem should look into email unsubscription services like Unroll Me. This is going to be one of the most useful email management concepts around.

The Unroll service is designed to help you stop all of the junk mail that comes in your Inbox. It can be a real hassle to constantly find yourself with an inbox that is filled with messages that you are not going to read anyway. This is a free service, and you have the ability to stop it at any time. You want to get a good understanding of how the service works before you get started, but most people that have signed up are very impressed with it.

You would never be able to stop all of the emails that you have in your Inbox without having some help. What unroll me does is put you in a position where you take control of your email Inbox again. You have the ability to cut out all of those newsletters and subscription services that you never subscribed to. That is the good thing about getting with Unroll Me. Find Additional Information Here.

Some of the best decisions that you can make comes with finding things that can help you maximize your time. This is definitely what companies like Unroll Me are doing. It is giving you the ability to maximize your space and make your Inbox a lot cleaner. You do not have to wait and take so much time to try and clean it up.

The trouble with junk mail is that you often throw a lot of the important email away in the mix when you have all of these spam and junk mail messages flying through. This is yet another reason why you need unroll me to help you sort out those things that are not pertaining to anything you need. It is good to have a service like this because it can give you a helping hand for getting rid of all the unwanted subscriptions.


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James River Capital Corp’s location is in Virginia. It offers investment advisory services. It was known as KP Futures Management Corp in 1986. Paul Saunders and his partner Kevin Brandt acquired James river capital in 1995 from Kidder and made it an independent business. Paul Saunders is the Chairman, CEO and Principal Portfolio Manager. Its other executives include;

  • Kevin M Brandt-President, Principal and Cofounder
  • Laura Piper McGrath-Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dieter Oelschlager-Director of hedge fund investments
  • James Hart-Director of Hedgefund research
  • John Heitmuller-Director of Information Technology

It’s registration titles are, an investment advisor with SEC, commodity pool operator with CFTC and commodity trading advisor. By July 2018 more than $570 million was under management in James River products. It operates a website to help the firm acquire qualified employment candidates. The firm also includes both direct and indirect capital from proprietary sources. Learn more:

James River Capital Corp featured a blog about leadership improvement. It stated that leadership is both an art and science. Effective leadership requires excellent skills and development. It requires much effort and time to be a good leader. Researchers from various companies have come up with three simple changes that can improve leadership styles. These are;

  1. Support your team, Don’t lead them: it involves the leader having a close relationship with their team. Motivate them by leading by example and supporting the teams work. This strategy is common to the Facebook leaders.
  2. To encourage and welcome Escalation: without openness and transparency in communication, there will be no innovation, collaboration, and engagement with employees. Most workers will avoid their bosses if they feel presenting an issue will cause them trouble. Through the research, ‘psychological safety‘ was discovered. It means a leader’s operation gives people the freedom to present challenges, problems, and improvements.
  3. Everyone’s opinion matters: one of the main obstacles in moving forward is holding back. A leader should ensure all his team members participate in meetings, decision making, etc. They should keep track of everyone to ensure even the quiet ones engage freely. Make them feel that their opinions are wanted and valued.


NetBase Social Media Analytics Tools List

If you’re selling your goods and services online, you are well aware of how important it is to include social media marketing in your overall strategy. By utilizing these platforms, you can engage with customers and make them aware of your brand.

Keeping an eye on your analytics when you’re doing this type of marketing is crucial so that you understand the habits of your audience as well as their interests. NetBase has created a list of social media analytics tools that help businesses analyze different aspects of their social media marketing. Here’s a breakdown of their top picks:

Top Five Built-In Tools

One of the first places that you can start when you are measuring your analytics is the social media platform that you are using for marketing. They have free analytics that provides information on actions taken by visitors. The top five include:

  • Twitter Analytics: This analytics tool gives you a breakdown of interest and gender if you click on the audience tab. You can also learn which current events are popular and which hashtags are trending.
  • Facebook Insights: The free Facebook analytics tool gives insight into metrics such as Page views, reach and total video views. You also have the ability to peek on your competitors and see which posts are working well for them.
  • Instagram Insights: The Instagram Insights tool works best if you use a business profile, which is free. You’ll be able to see metrics on profile views, reach and impressions as well as demographics that are associated with your followers.
  • Pinterest Analytics: This analytics tool also requires you to have a business account. The tool provides information regarding topics that your followers are interested in as well as other users that they follow.
  • YouTube Analytics: Video is the ability to create levels of high engagement with your audience. This analytics tool provides information such as demographics and audience retention.

Top 15 Free Tools

NetBase also recommended 15 free social media analytics tools. While it’s helpful to use the built-in tools that are provided by each platform, you should also see if you can determine more about your users by using one or more of the free analytics tools.

A few of the tools on the list include Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Buffer and Boardreader. Depending on the tool that you use, you’ll be able to analyze your data by using graphs or reviewing forum and reviews posts.

Some of the tools offer a great deal of value, and they also have a paid tool available if you want to upgrade. For example, Hootsuite helps you track statistics on follower growth, popular content and basic analytics.

Top Four Paid Tools

While utilizing free tools is always a good idea, you can also learn about your users by investing in a paid tool. Four paid tools made it on the list that NetBase created. They include NetBase, Likeable Hub, Sprout Social and Tailwind.

Each of these tools has their own specialty that they cater to. Sprout Social allows you to analyze hashtag trends that are on Instagram and growth and audience engagement for the Facebook platform.

Likeable Hub focuses its tool on the platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, if you are using YouTube as when your main marketing channels, this paid tool would not be one that you would want to use. However, it’s going to be very beneficial if you strictly use Facebook and Twitter.

Pick And Choose

The best way to use this list of social media analytics tools is to pick and choose ones that work best for your situation. You may be comfortable with only using one of the tools. On the other hand, there may be special metrics that are available on a couple of the tools that you find extremely helpful.

It helps to have a list like this that also includes a short snippet about each tool so that you can easily try ones that seem best for you.

Reinventing The Healthcare Industry With Rick Shinto and InnovaCare Health

A successful healthcare business typically requires a company to not rock the boat. Healthcare Industry black sheep InnovaCare Health, led by CEO and President Rick Shinto, are trying a different way. The company recently announced it will joining other major health care providers in the Learning and Action Network, or LAN. The move is an attempt to affect change in how payments are processed in the healthcare industry.


LAN’s goal is to bring a focus towards a more quality based model, as opposed to a system which currently rewards quantity. The goal is a bold one: to have 30 percent of health care payments processed in the U.S. done through alternate payment methods by 2016. They hope that number increases further to 50 percent by 2018. To make sure an accurate accounting of the results InnovaCare Health will have an active part in the Nationwide Data Collection Effort put on by LAN.


The current model for service in the healthcare industry is one where more service provided equals more cost and higher payments. LAN seeks to change that by switching to a system which rewards hospitals and providers with the improved health of their patients. You can visit


It’s a mindset and goal which is harmonious with that of InnovaCare Health and Rick Shinto. With over 7,500 providers in their service network and over 200,000 members and clients, the company strives to change the healthcare industry from within. The company in a leading contributor of a value-based model of healthcare. From its headquarters in Fort Lee, N.J., it provides North America with a patient focused model which utilizes advanced technologies to propagate sustainable health models into the 21st century. The organization was pivotal in the relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017. You can visit



Rick Shinto has a career in the healthcare industry which has run for over 20 years and counting. He completed his undergrad at the University of California, Irvine, before getting his MBA at the University of Redlands. His medical schooling was conferred at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has held numerous top leadership roles at a myriad of successful leadership positions before joining InnovaCare in 2012. His proven track record has led to several awards including Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, as well as being honored as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.



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