Marc Beer, co-founder of startup medical device developer Renovia, expanded his vision for innovative health care solutions by closing a $32 million Series B round in late August, in addition to $10 million in venture debt. Under the leadership of Beer and The Longwood Fund, an investment firm that helped Renovia early in development, the company will focus on developing and testing new products. Issues such as pelvic floor disorders affect 250 million women worldwide, and serve as the wheelhouse for Renovia, which specializes in devices that seek to help urinary incontinence in women. The first product created by Renovia is Leva, which received approval in April. Renovia is in the early stage venture status with the potential to go public as it progresses through the wide field of medical technology.

Marc Beer is no stranger to success in the health care field. A graduate of Miami University, he brings over 25 years of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. He is a proven leader and driver toward integrative and pragmatic answers to troublesome medical problems affecting large portions of the population. As medical technology advances, Marc Beer and Renovia have placed themselves at the forefront of research and development in the field.

A significant example of Marc Beer’s strategic management goals is the hiring of two clinical leaders in women’s healthcare to oversee the successful implementation of Renovia’s health care initiatives: Samantha Pulliam, MD, as Chief Medical Officer for Renovia, and Jessica McKinney, PT, MS, as Vice President of Medical Affairs and Clinical Advocacy.

Marc Beer drives to discover and implement solutions in women’s althcare. He has shown that leading a company is much more than the numbers and profit. Rather, it is pushing new technology and strategies to help the advancement of medical practices. By raising funds for the development of new products for pelvic floor disorders, Beer displays his enthusiasm in helping raise medical awareness concerning women’s health. His vision is to provide solutions to questions surrounding the uncertainty of women’s health technology. With the leadership team at Renovia, Beer has shown the company is dedicated to the livelihood and health of all individuals. Learn more:


Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia Named in AFR’s Most Innovative Companies List

It is a good thing to be happy about what you have achieved. This is what happened to Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, the founder of Infinity Group Australia on July 30, 2018.




On this day, Graeme, the founder of Infinity Group Australia receive the award on behalf of his company when it was ranked number 58 on the Australia Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies List.




The awards that are organized by AFR have been going on for seven years under a different name. Initially, the awards were called BRW Most Innovative Companies. This year, AFR changed the name to Most Innovative Companies List.




Australian Financial Review, which organizes the awards, is a widely circulated business journal. It reaches over 1.8 million Aussies and New Zealanders with various tips on finance and investment.




The journal tasked Inventium, a local consultancy firm along with reputable financial industry experts to receive, censor, compile, and even select the best innovative companies for the awards.




The panel followed very strict criteria to select the ideal companies. Among the qualifications that were needed included the company’s strategy in solving the problem. This involves the quality of the services, the approach and the effectiveness of the process leading to the solving of the client’s problem.




Other things the panel considered were the company’s resources, the uniqueness of the solution, innovation culture, and the impact of the solution to the community.




After receiving and analyzing over 1000 applications from different financial and investment companies across Australia and New Zealand, the panel ranked Infinity Group Australia at number 58.




On the night of July 30, 2018, Graeme Holm stood to receive the honor on behalf of his company Infinity Group Australia, which he started 5 years ago.




“I’m very happy today, to receive this award. In behalf of my team, I’m very grateful to AFR, Inventium, and those experts who vetted and found us different from other companies. This award is a motivation that we need to continue using different and unique strategies to solve people’s financial problems,” Holm said.




Before staring Infinity Group Australia reviews, Graeme Holm was an indoor soccer representative, a position he held for a few years. Later, for more than 16 years he would work in different banks and financial institutions.




During the time he served in various financial institutions, he saw how people suffered from repaying their loans and at the same time earn a living. This motivated him to start IGA, which offers among other services, debt reduction, innovative ways of earning a living and planning for retirement. Learn more:


The Aspire Residential Units in New Brunswick are Loaded with Amenities

The Aspire is another successful project by Boraie Development. Located in the city center of New Brunswick, New Jersey, it offers 238 residential units along with retail space. The Aspire’s amenities and location give the luxury apartments a desirable address for New Brunswick professionals.


The Aspire puts dining, nightlife, and shopping right outside its doors. The Children’s Cancer Institute, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System, and the New Brunswick Train Station are a short walk away. The Aspire feels secure with an around-the-clock doorman. The parking garage offers immediate lobby access via an elevator. The Aspire is pet-friendly and features a fitness and yoga center, a Resident’s Club with Library, a rooftop deck with barbeque space, and available indoor bike storage.


Boraie Development gets a lot of attention from its partnership with Shaquille O’Neal. With O’Neal lending capital and name recognition, and Boraie bringing the connections and experience, they focus on developing Jersey’s urban areas. These areas remind the former NBA star of his childhood growing up in Newark, where he spent many hours at the local movie theater and Boys and Girls Club because staying off the streets was crucial.  For more details you can checkout


Mr. O’Neal, now residing in Orlando, has already succeeded with the opening of the CityPlex12 Newark movie theater. With a $7 million investment, Boraie Development converted an old theater on Springfield Avenue into the CityPlex12. The theater’s opening was a transitional moment for Newark, bringing a new spirit into the neighborhood. Mr. O’Neal views his foray into property development as contributing to his childhood city. Omar Boraie, head of Boraie Development, believes these smart investments bring a return on dollars because they are building the right product.


Omar Boraie arrived in the U.S. from Egypt in 1970 to pursue his doctorate. He ended up in real estate, with his children now members of the company. Mr. Boraie met Mr. O’Neal in 2005 and they decided to team up to create new developments in Newark. Real-estate ventures by pro athletes don’t always succeed. With Boraie building over a million square feet of property in New Jersey, O’Neal had confidence his collaboration with Boraie would work.


Boraie Development offers services including Property Management, Real Estate Development, Sales, and Marketing. Boraie is dedicated to providing clients with sensational property developments. They deliver unmatched service by having long-standing relationships with architects and financial institutions. The end result is another triumphant project by Boraie Development. You can visit for more info.



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Successes Of Michael Burwell


Mr. Michael J. Burwell is a Business Administration Graduate from the Michigan State University and a trained Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company from October 2, 2017. Before joining Willis Towers, Mr. Burwell served as a Global and United States Transformation Leader at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. Also, he served as partner and head of Pricewaterhouse Coopers Global Automotive Shareholders Value Awards. These awards recognize vehicle manufacturers, global parts suppliers, and United States retailers for total shareholders returns to the Transaction Service Group of the company. Moreover, Michael Burwell has headed a range of buy- and- sell projects for small and large private companies. He has also worked in evaluating the business structures and projections of different private equity funds. Furthermore, he has been the chairperson of the Automotive Suppliers Institute Conferences.


Mr. Michael Burwell is a popular financial adviser. He served in the business advisory services before he was elected partner and moved into the transaction business at the operation hub in Detroit. He was also named the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer after his continuous successes in the national levels. Burwell was appointed as the Vice Chairman Global and the United States Transformation where he assisted in building and expanding the Pricewaterhouse Company’s internal shared services. He is good in managing, leading and driving results in complex and with the strong focus on clients. Beside good managerial skills, Burwell is an experienced expert in financial and transaction matters.


Burwell is a good advisor in asset management. He has initiated a client based asset management service called the AMX. He initiated AMX at Europe and currently it is offering its service at the United States where they are advising clients on over $120 in asset under client management. This advising service helps large and small-scale managers to decrease accumulation and submission procedures, which saves money and time.

Mr. Michael Burwell has been able to increase efficiency and bottom line. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a professional service firm, he oversaw the elimination of $500 million in costs, without reducing staff.

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