Who Is Talos Energy, Premiere Energy Leaders

Who Is Talos Energy

Talos Energy, is a superior offshore light and gas company. based in Houston, Texas, and they’re overseen by Chief Executive Officer, Tim Duncan. Duncan says, he recently made a major deal at his mother’s kitchen table which includes the largest business deal in his career. Hurricane Harvey, left many Texas residents stranded and without basic utilities for weeks. The Houston area was ravished by the storms, but their CEO, was determined to successfully secure the largest business deal of his career. Talos Energy, proudly operates in the Gulf of Mexico. Their geological and geophysical expertise has gone unmatched for over 70+ years. Talos is committed to building healthy communities through affordable energy, and they’re exploring other ways to provide energy efficient public utilities.

Talos Energy Business News

They’re committed to improving the performance production on many of their work-over projects. Their international corporate strategy involves exploring the basin using a sizable seismic database and propriety reprocessing model to expand drilling efforts around the world. At Talos Energy, their goal is to use specialized drilling and completion techniques. They’re proud to be independent and technically driven to form environmentally friendly services. Their business goals have been a success, and this puts them in a position to capitalize on its high quality assets.

Talos remains the leaders in offshore drilling. Their mananagemnt and technical team operate within the United States and the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve also decided to merger with the Stone Energy corporation to increase the liquidity of their assests. CEO, Tim Duncan says, Talos shareholders will greatly benefit. In fact, their focus will remain on geological trends. Learn how Talos has created an initiative to expand their global pressence by visiting their official website for more details. Talos remains committed to a technological environmental friendly worldwide drilling pattern.

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