Avaaz is Seizing the Opportunities For Change

There are many issues affecting people all over the world that demand attention. The one-sided propaganda that permeates our societies has become obnoxiously and blatantly offensive. The tools that social media provides to bring people and factual information together are growing and becoming more apparent in our lives. The activist group, Avaaz, is putting forth an ambitious and well thought out strategy to maximize this new reality.

The word “avaaz” means “voice” in many different languages. Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and the Service Employees International Union are the three main forces that formed the group. Ricken Patel serves as the President and CEO of Avaaz. He has a Masters Degree in Public Policy and is committed to the idea of social responsibility.

Avaaz does not accept money from governments or corporations. They are entirely funded by their members. The people who have joined the group decide which issues get funded through active participation online. The organization frequently serves in an advisory role helping members to attract more attention and focus to their cause.

Weekly polls are used so that members can determine which issues are supported by the organization. Avaaz relies on emails to inform their members about upcoming topics. They craft clear and concise messages so that everyone can get on the same page about current topics. Avaaz knows that there are opportunities for change when events of international significance occur. The people of the world are more connected now than they have ever been and the possibilities for real progress in the area of social justice are there for the taking.

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