Meet Clayton Hutson: He’s A Talented Technician Who Loves Working With Talented Musicians On Tour.

Clayton Hutson began his academic pursuits with an emphasis on the performing arts, especially in areas of theatre design. With this type of knowledge, Clay Hutson was able to work as a sound engineer. Then, he went on to do project management work. By learning new skills based on taking on different obligations, it helped him profusely.


Hutson was fortunate enough to gain experience in the music genre by working on several different projects that came with learning new things and different types of demands. Whether it was working as a sound engineer or a tour manager who had to manage a whole crew, Clay Hutson has stepped up to the task. He has had some essential roles over the years to help many different crews who were working on tour with famous musicians like Prince or Marilyn Manson, Kid Rock and also rock groups like Garbage and Guns N’ Roses. Hutson was also production manager for Jennifer Nettles and the stage manager for rapper, Kanye West. Hutson noted that he liked working with Rock N’ Roll acts, because the genre had beckoned him, so he answered its call. Clay Hutson strives to work in a role as designer and as a producer on many live tours.


When he began his career working with talents on tour, he helped out as working as part of the crew that was supporting well-known evangelist, Billy Graham. Besides his splendid work résumé, Hutson worked hard in academia by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from Central Michigan University in Theater Design. Besides his bachelor’s degree, he was also awarded a master’s degree in business administration.


When he was working in his niche for another business owner and not on his own, the Great Recession hit the company he was working for quite hard. With the financial and income outlook being quite turbulent for him, Clay Hutson decided to disassociate from the company that he had worked for at the time and venture out on his own as a business owner. Clay Hutson felt that it was a good time to do so at that point.


Clay Hutson remarked in an interview that his company could handle rigging and sound engineering, and many elements regarding live production. When asked about the other key services his company does, Clay Hutson also said he works in areas of logistics, stage managing and production management and design. Learn more:

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