Fortnite Coming to Android

The hit battle royale game Fortnite will soon be arriving on a new platform, as a recent blog post from developer Epic Games announced its debut on Android devices later this summer. No specific release date has been given yet outside of the “summer” confirmation, no doubt including the various mobile updates mentioned in the same post.

For starters, the developers are providing an incredibly in-depth version of a customizable HUD, letting players change their displays combat and building in virtually any way they might want to. Second (and for many, more importantly) mobile versions of the game will finally feature the voice chat function found on other platforms, allowing players to communicate with one another even across different versions of the game. There will also be options to mute anyone, including yourself.

In addition to these two major changes, several smaller updates are also being rolled out, including improvements to the Autorun feature and tweaks to how shooting works, compressing the overall file size of the game itself and making patches smaller, a stat tracking feature, game code optimization, and stability improvements.

Several of these changes have already been added to the iOS version of the game with more on the way, all presumably coming standard with the Android version once it is released. Epic Games also reaffirms its commitment to making the best game possible, urging those reading the blog post to report any problems they encounter with the “Feedback” button found inside the game to make fixing them easier.

There’s sure to be more improvements to Fortnite on all its platforms, so stay tuned for more update news as it becomes available.

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