Graham Edwards to Become a Part of the Telereal Trillium

Businessman Graham Edwards will be joining the Center for Policy Studies later this year as the Chairman of the Board of the group’s new Housing Policy Group. Mr. Graham Edwards will also be serving as a Center for Policy Studies Research Fellow.

Up to date, Mr. Graham Edwards is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the privately owned property business called Telereal Trillium (Crunchbase). The corporation is based in the United Kingdom and is the largest privately owned property company in the country. Mr. Graham Edwards will retain his position and responsibilities at the UK-based Telereal Trillium while dividing his attention between it and his new responsibilities at the Center for Policy Studies.

At the Housing Policy Group, Mr. Graham Edwards will be working with their in-house experts with the goal of developing policies that improve house building as well as the experience of owning a home.

The Center for Policy Studies is also going to appoint a new head of business for the Housing Policy Group who will be announced in the near future. The company will be focused on promoting entrepreneurship as well as enterprise at all levels of the economy of the United Kingdom.

Mr. Graham Edwards started working as the Chief executive Officer of the Telereal Trillium back in 2001. In 2009, Mr. Graham Edwards was the leader of negotiations that allowed the company to be acquired from the Land Securities Group Plc. The transaction also made it easier for the Telereal Trillium to establish itself as a leader in its line of work.

Before he became an integral part of the leadership of Telereal Trillium, Mr. Graham Edwards was working at the Talisman Global Asset Management as their Chief Investment Officer. While at the position, Mr. Graham Edwards established the company as a Pears FSA registered asset management arm. The company has an AUM of more than one billion pounds.

Mr. Graham Edwards achieved his higher education at the renowned Cambridge College and graduated in Economics. After that, Mr. Graham Edwards headed into the realm of business tackling challenges one after the other and establishing his successful business career.


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