NewsWatch TV Receives A Sterling review For Its Assistance In Crowdfunding:

Avanca Chief Marketing Officer Nathalie Van Wijkvliet expressed how happy she was to work with NewsWatch TV in a recent testimonial interview. Aveta had worked with NewsWatch TV on one prior occasion and had a great experience both times. Nathalie emphasizes that NewsWatch TV has a great team and provides great support. Avanca previously worked with NewsWatch TV for its crowdfunding campaign. She also believes that the media that NewsWatch provided was a primary reason behind the success of the campaign. The reason for Avanca’s second time working with NewsWatch was the release of a new device.

NewsWatch TV is the source consumers go to for the latest news on hot consumer, travel, entertainment and technology news. Top celebrities and entertainers frequently make appearances on NewsWatch TV. NewsWatch stands as one of the most successful independent news programs around and has reached in excess of 700 million views in its 25 plus year history.

When it began in 1990, NewsWatch TV focussed on issues related to finance and went on to develop a larger scope to its coverage, evolving into a news magazine that covers numerous topics of interest to the public. Today, NewsWatch TV specializes in bringing consumers great stories about the latest products. It is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison. 2011 saw the NewsWatch start to focus heavily on the tech market. Working with Fortune 500 companies has become a regular thing for NewsWatch since then. The company produces reviews for products out of the technology industry. New mobile apps are the focus of NewsWatch’s AppWatch.


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