Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital has shown that they have extensive knowledge when it comes to knowing what a company needs.

Southridge Capital specializes in organizing finances, such as planning and making financial decisions, for clients. The company mainly specializes in financial analysis, but they also do balance sheet optimization. This can be described as helping companies balance debt and equity, as well as mechanisms that will yield the results desired of a company, so that they can reach their goals more efficiently.

They have invested over 1 billion dollars into companies that show promise of growth. Creditors of Southridge can potentially have their debts eliminated in favor of common stock. If your portfolio is suffering fiscal issues, then. They will look at the existing level of liquidity in the stock of the client’s company, even if the company has little market impact. They will also not always require a registration statement. Some of the companies that they have worked with include, but are not limited to, LounsBury House, the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Ridgefield Community Center, Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation/Danbury Hospital, and the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association, among many others. You can visit for more details.

Based on citybizlist, they have had equity purchase agreements worth millions of dollars. This shows you that, when they see potential in a certain company, they will not hesitate. Southridge Capital gives clients the ability to look at different products in their existing, as well as their expanding, investor base. For different risk tolerances, they have different offerings. They have also helped finance over 250 companies with their expertise, and they have a unique understanding regarding the concerns of growing companies. Southridge Capital also advises companies on concerns and financial issues, such as the process of becoming a public company, individualized financing techniques, and optimized balance sheet management.


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