PC Game Streaming Comes To Facebook Live To Compete With Other Platforms

Facebook Live has never captured a gaming audience since its inception. Despite streaming Overwatch events though the platform, nothing ever captured the hearts of gamers. A new Games SDK for PC from Facebook could change things up, though. The social media platform wants to allow gamers to stream PC titles at the push of a button. However, it remains to be seen whether the company can give users an incentive to switch from Twitch or YouTube.

Simply put, Facebook wants to make it easier for developers, streamers, and gamers to stream on its own platform. Popular streamers from Twitch and YouTube pull in a lot of money for their respective companies. It’s no surprise Facebook wants to join the action with its own Live platform. The company knows that incentives are necessary to pull in an audience, so various benefits will be rolled out for everyone involved.

Since its inception, Facebook Live hasn’t done much except draw controversy due to the content of users’ streams. Catering to gamers is a brand new direction for the platform because game streaming was almost nonexistent in the past. A lot of time, effort, and incentives will need to be brought to the platform to attract developers, streamers, and viewers. Twitch and YouTube are already kings in the market after all.

In fact, even Microsoft runs its own game streaming platform with a small user base. Facebook’s first step toward gaining a foothold will be to topple Microsoft’s user base for Mixer. All the money in the world won’t guarantee success in this venture. Still, Facebook wants its Live platform to be the perfect place to stream anything and everything. The tides could turn in Facebook’s favor in due time.

Twitch, YouTube, and even Mixer have nothing to fear at the moment. With a strong enough push and innovative features, Facebook Live’s PC game streaming could gain an audience. Catering to both developers and streamers will be key to starting out on the right foot. Even a minor misstep could doom Facebook Live to a status of last place in the streaming world.

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