NGP VAN Knows How to Hold a Better Campaign Rally

NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and Progressive campaigns nationwide, providing services and advice on both a national and local level. It offers a wide range of support to help grassroots candidates get elected, not least of which is advice for navigating the campaign trail.
Holding a rally at a strategic time can be paramount to getting elected, but being disorganized or badly timing your efforts can have the opposite effect. NGP VAN’s Gabby Weiss has some tips to get you started and avoid common mistakes made by smaller campaigns.
Rallies can help bolster support at strategic times during a campaign. They are expensive, however, and time-consuming to boot. It is best to hold a rally as an announcement event to introduce potential voters to your campaign and invite media coverage, or during the final two weeks to gain votes and critical volunteers with the resulting momentum.
It is critical to plan properly; while holding a rally can generate enthusiasm for your campaign, a poorly organized showing will give an unfortunate first impression that can be difficult to shake. Plan accordingly for details like location, the sound system, your visuals, and the speaking program itself to deliver a smooth performance all around. NGP VAN can assist you at this organizing stage to make sure your rally meets the public’s expectations and helps your campaign stay competitive.
Be sure to advertise your event accordingly. Creating a Facebook or other social media account is a great way to reach a wide audience, and remember to contact as much local media as you can find– including newspapers, local radio stations, TV news stations, and even college newspapers– to cover your rally and spread your influence further.
You must capitalize on the enthusiasm generated to encourage grassroots support. Line up volunteers to take contact information from attendees during the event that you can later use for volunteer recruitment and GOTV. During a campaign rally is the best time to sign up volunteers and roust supporters into action, so your volunteers should also look to sign attendees up for further volunteer work. NGP VAN is located in Washtington DC and is privately owned.

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