OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

OSI Food Solutions in Spain has been doing so well in the recent times. According to the news that have been shared in the company website, OSI Food Solutions has decided to increase its chicken production in Spain so that it could make its clients happy. OSI Food says that the food plant based in Toledo, Spain was responsible for the improvements that have just been completed. The whole process cost the company seventeen million euros. The Spain plant had a capacity of 12,000 tons of products before the capacity was increased. According to the management of the large company, the OSI Food Solution chicken production has now doubled.

OSI Food is very excited about the new production improvement. For the communities living in Spain, this is good news too. The increased chicken production in this firm means that there will be more overall output, and this can only be possible when the company decide to hire more professionals. According to one of the executives in the large company, OSI Group will now be producing over forty five thousand tones beef, chicken and pork every year. The local economy will significantly benefit because the company will now be forced to add twenty more jobs. Before the improvement process, the company was offering one hundred and forty nobs, but it will now increase the number to cater for the growing firm. The twenty jobs will be in the management positions especially in the product development section.

The OSI Food Solutions chose to increase the amount of chicken production because of various reasons. First of all, the economy and food consumption has shown that there is a high demand for chicken products in the world, especially Spain and Portugal. According to a study that was carried out by OSI Group management, the amount of chicken consumption went up by over eight percent in the previous year, meaning that consumers were interested in chicken products.

For an international company to retain its positions in the competitive market, it must understand how to deal with the changes that are taking place in the world. When OSI Food Solutions realized that the consumption of chicken was going up, it had to increase its production so that it could retain its position in the hearts of the customers. The working space in the Spain plan has also been increased so that the workers can be comfortable in their activities.

For More info: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Food_Solutions

Could Shadow Be the “Netflix for Games?”

Gamers have another option for streaming platforms as of February 21. French company Blade recently released Shadow, which isn’t quite a console, nor is it a gaming computer. Shadow is a small streaming box as well as a subscription service that brings a wider variety of games to players. Some people are even describing Blade’s Shadow like Netflix for video games.

Previously, Blade had launched Shadow in the UK. The most recent launch brings it overseas to the United States, starting with the state of California. The company has plans to roll out Shadow to other USA locations throughout the year.

What is Shadow?

Shadow is essentially a Windows 10 PC that virtualizes your desktop. Inside Shadow is an AMD Falcon CPU and a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card that can handle 1080p at 144Hz or 4K at 60Hz. The system is equipped with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

The manufacturer touts the fact that you don’t have to upgrade hardware for Shadow as one of its strengths, and the company promises to replace any necessary parts.

Gamers can use Shadow by streaming to their mobile device with a Bluetooth controller. However, you can also connect a monitor and peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, and headset for a decidedly PC-like experience.

What makes Shadow more appealing than similar services is the wide variety of games. You can choose from any number of games on Steam, which any PC gamer is already familiar with. You’re not limited to games by a certain developer or from a certain system, as is the case with the similar Playstation streaming service. Plus, Shadow can run non-gaming apps like Photoshop.

Gamers can sign up for a yearly subscription to shadow for $34.95 per month, which is an affordable price for avid players.

Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale Begins

PC gaming powerhouse Steam has officially launched their Lunar New Year sale, running from February 15th through the end of the 19th. With thousands of games on sale from 10% off up to as much as 90% off, this is a great time to grab that game you’ve been eyeing or gift your friends a copy of your favorite multiplayer game!

Steam’s Lunar New Year sale includes hot games such as Tekken 7 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at a staggering 50% off, as well as cult favorites including Stardew Valley and Undertale at 20% and 50% off, respectively.

This is a great opportunity to branch out and try genres of gaming you’re unfamiliar with, or really dig deep in your gaming style of choice! Whatever your interests are, Steam has you covered this New Lunar Year. Here are three suggestions to start of the Lunar New Year right!

1: They Are Billions

They Are Billions is a trending game from developer Numantian Games that showcases the ever popular zombie survival setting with spectacular strategy gameplay.

2: Nioh: The Complete Edition

Nioh: The Complete Edition is a brutal action game that contains the full game, it’s three expansions, and three additional story chapters. This is for the hardcore among us.

3: This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a beautiful game dripping with meaningful narrative. You play the roles of a group of survivors in a besieged city, and shows a side of war often left untold.

The company’s extensive sales help both consumers and developers. Consumers get access to games that may have originally been out of their budget or wildcards they were uncertain of. Developers, on the other hand, gain increased exposure and revenue due to the aforementioned consumer benefits. It’s a win-win situation and with so many great titles discounted, you can’t go wrong taking advantage of this great sale!

EA Releases ‘Dead Space’ on Origin For Free — A Mea Culpa for Past Problems?

PC Gamers have had precious few nice things to say about EA over the past six months, but things might start turning around here shortly. EA just announced a free release of the hit 2008 title, ‘Dead Space’. The game, developed by the dismantled Visceral Games, was released to almost universal critical acclaim and it has helped to reinvigorate the science fiction/horror genre that has so often been woefully overlooked. For fans that didn’t get a chance to play ‘Dead Space’ the first time around, now might be the perfect opportunity. All you need in order to download the free release is an Origin account.

The story of ‘Dead Space’ pulls from several of the greatest works of science fiction horror around, from ‘Alien’ to ‘The Thing’ and everything in between. The title follows Isaac Clarke, yes a pretty deliberate reference, in his journey aboard the USG Ishimura. Clarke is an engineer aboard the massive ship, known in-game as a Planet Cracker, and he is there when horrors are unleashed thanks to a relic possessed by the Unitology. The title follows Clarke as he seeks to right the very horrific wrongs that have begun to pile up aboard the ship all while he suffers from a hallucinogenic breakdown of his own. Yeah, it’s a pretty heavy title.

Fans of horror and science fiction titles owe it to themselves to get their hands on ‘Dead Space’ in order to get involved with one of the better PC single-player titles in recent memory. With that said, the game won’t be for everyone and if you are claustrophobic or tend to be filled with nightmares you might be better off turning away from this one.

EA is doing their best to try and fix their reputation after a disastrous period surrounding the release of their latest ‘Star Wars’ arena brawler, ‘Battlefront 2’ where they were heavily criticized for microtransactions and other predatory financial practices. A few great tiles being released might sway fans to be a little easier on the legendary company.

Steam Bans Insel Games After Fake Reviews Appear

Steam is one of the largest gaming websites on the internet. This company primarily offers PC games to their ever-growing audience. Many people credit the review and rating system created by Steam that allows customers to reviews game they’ve purchased and played. Insel Games might not appear to be a recognizable game. However, if you’ve played their wildly popular Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan game, you know the company very well. Unfortunately, Insel Games would have their entire catalog removed from Steam after committing a very serious rule violation.

PC Gamer recently reported that Reddit was where an internal email from Insel Games was posted. The email mentions that it was noted that the Wild Buster game didn’t have a lot of reviews on Steam. Therefore, employees working for Insel Games were encouraged to both purchase and leave a positive review for the game.

The email never specifically mentions forcing employees to write a review. However, the email does state that employees “should not have to” be asked or told to review the game. Furthermore, the email would compare the success of the game to determining if workers would be able to keep their jobs. After the email was leaked on Reddit, Steam quickly launched an investigation into the matter of looking at the reviews for Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan. Shortly after the Reddit post, all traces of Insel Games were removed from the Steam store for violation of store policies.

To summarize, massive gaming website and service Steam recently banned Insel Games from its huge gaming service. A recent post on Reddit was reported to be a leaked email from within Insel Games that encouraged employees to buy and positively review their games on Steam. Shortly thereafter, Steam announced that Insel games would be banned from releasing content through their gaming service.

Whitney Wolfe: The Passionate Technology Entrepreneur

     Whitney Wolfe is an American investor. She is the CEO and founder of Bumble, and also a co-founder of Tinder, a dating application. Sometime back, Badoo’s founder spoke to Whitney about developing a dating application and later partnered with her in 2014 on a new firm, introducing Bumble the same year. Bumble is propelling into vertical markets such as the launched BumbleBFF for locating friends and BumbleBizz. The company’s value is over $1 billion according to Forbes.

In 2014, Wolfe Herd got mentioned as one of the 30 Under 30 Most Important Women in Technology by Business Insider. She was also named among the Elles Women in Technology in 2016. Wolfe Herd was declared as one of Forbes 30 women under 30 in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Wolfe was also named by Inc as one of the female investors to watch in in 2017, and she has appeared on different covers of Forbes.

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Utah, by Michael Wolfe, a property developer, and Kelly, his wife. Whitney studied International Studies at the Southern Methodist University. While still in college, Wolfe started a business of selling bamboo tote bags helping regions affected by Bp oil spill. Later, Wolfe partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp, a celebrity stylist to launch Help Us Project, a non-profit organization. The bags received lots of publicity from the press after several celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and others were photographed carrying them. After her graduation, Whitney Wolfe traveled to Asia to work with orphanages.

Whitney joined Hatch Labs at the age of 22 years. Through Hatch Labs, Wolfe became involved with Cardify, a startup project directed by Sean Rad through the IAC incubator. Later, the project got abandoned, and Whitney Wolfe joined Tinder, a dating app with Chris Gulczynski, Rad within the IAC incubator in 2012. Wolfe became the marketing vice president of Tinder, a role that fueled the popularity of the app on college campuses developing its user base, but she later left the firm in 2014.

In December 2014, Wolfe developed Bumble, a dating application that offers women more power than traditional dating applications. As of December 2015, Bumble had attained 80 million matches and more than 15 million individual conversations. In April 2016, monthly user base named Tinder and Bubble as the most popular dating apps and ranked them in first and fourth positions respectively. By November 2017, the Bumble app had accumulated more than 22 million active users.

Can’t wait to share a stage with the incredible @gayleking at @sxsw in two short weeks 🤗

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Nintendo Switch Adds Another Perfect Title to Their Library.

The developers at Nintendo have been having themselves quite a year. The Nintendo Switch released out of nowhere to incredible critical acclaim and that critical reception was followed up by sales numbers that would turn out to be historic. After beating the PS2’s legendary sales run in Japan, the Nintendo Switch leaps in 2018 with something to prove: that the innovative console was no fluke. In order to keep gamers coming back to the Switch, especially with the strong titles being released on the PS4 and XB1, Nintendo has had to make sure that their library is always expanding with high-quality. Continuing their string of amazing ports and remakes, Nintendo is dropping ‘Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2’ for a release date of 2016 — and the reviews are sparkling.

Fans who haven’t heard of the Bayonetta games probably didn’t spend much time with their Wii U. While the Wii U was pretty much an abject failure, the Bayonetta titles came out and scored amazing reviews. Now, gamers are going to get the chance to play it again, or for the first time, on their Nintendo Switch. Developed by Platinum Games, Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2 is an incredible hack ‘n slash title that brings together everything we love about the genre. For those that missed out on the title the first time around, now is a better time than ever to get back on board. Critics have been absolutely gushing about Nintendo’s ability to capably port the title to the Switch in a way that makes sense and our game libraries are better off as a result.

The ability and desire to port titles from across their library, and often across third parties, has been one of the biggest indicators of success for Nintendo with the Switch. Nintendo has already ported several popular titles like ‘Mario Kart 8’ and ‘Pokken Tournament’ and as long as they keep doing so, we will keep on buying. The Nintendo Switch is already looking to have incredible legs for the legendary gaming company.

Jason Hope and his donations to SENS anti-aging research group

SENS is a research group that is researching the field of biotechnology. The research group is trying to develop a drug that can reduce the degenerative aging process in human beings. This group aims to assist the people to have a stress free old age life. It is sad that the people who are aged right now have to deal with problems of health problems when they are now ready to sit down and enjoy life after years of toiling. Old age is today associated with medical problems that are affecting the old people. Through the efforts of the SENS group and other experts who are happy with this research work, we might have a solution soon. A breakthrough in the field would be attractive to anyone since we all have to get old at some point.

Jason Hope has supported this group with a donation of half a million dollars which they have used in building a research laboratory while other funds have been used to start a program called AGE-breaker. The AGE-breaker is a program that accepts drugs that have shown the ability to slow down the aging process causing substance in the body. There are minimum conditions that have been set to determine which drug qualifies as an anti-aging drug. Most of the research work is still ongoing, and hopefully, there will be a solution in the next few years.

Jason Hope supported the initiative because of the potential that it carries. If a drug is developed, many people will benefit. Aging diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s disease will be greatly reduced. Through the efforts of SENS, the problems that old people go through of battling medical problems may be over.

SENS has attributed the delay in a breakthrough in this research since for a long time; researchers thought that the aging process in small lab animals is similar to aging in human beings. Drugs that have been created in the past have not generated any impact in human beings. Now that this has become evident research which is human-based will be done and hopefully this time we will have a drug that is working.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope, a philanthropist from Scottsdale. He is also a futurist who looks into technology trends with the aim of educating people on what to expect in the future. Technology is fast changing, and he now predicts that the internet of things is going to be the next phase.

Jason hope has an MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Gaming GPUs Rapid Rise in Price Thanks To Cryptomining Boom

The rise in adoption of the console has always kept many away from the ever-popular world of PC gaming. Triple-A game developers’ push for uniformity in their production of cross-platform games, away from console exclusivity, has enabled the PC to be the favorite among varying styles of gamers.The PC offers the highest possible resolutions at the highest frame rates using the most advanced (and expensive) peripherals, hence its popularity. PCs however, vary in power, capacity, and components, which allows for rigs to vary widely in price.

One of the most sought out as well as costly PC components is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU); manufacturers such as AMD and NVIDIA mass produce GPUs for the use by the major gaming demographic, with varying trims and price. In recent years however, there has been a rising trend known as cryptomining. Cryptomining is the use of GPUs to “mine” cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum that also have been part of their own boom in both popularity and sky-high selling prices. The practice of cryptomining has created an unprecedented extreme demand for high-tier graphics cards. The demand has mainly affected avid members of the PC community, particularly those who build custom gaming PCs. Custom PC building is a popular practice among the community and the demand for GPUs from cryptominers has caused prices to skyrocket to over double their regular selling price.

Both manufacturers and retailers are almost always sold out or backordered. People who cryptomine tend to buy GPUs in bulk, usually as part of a large investment for potential promising returns from the cryptomining. The remaining available cards are usually sold by third-parties such as resellers or customers selling them after the cards’ value rises after the time of purchase.

Nonetheless, the cryptomining boom is seen by the gaming community as a temporary bump in the road, hoping demand lowers over time, returning GPU prices to a relatively stable state.

Eve Online Continues to Innovate MMO World.

We can comfortably say that there is easily no game more divisive in the MMO world than ‘Eve Online’. Eve Online has been called everything from the greatest MMO ever to a functional spreadsheet simulator and very few people end up taking a stance anywhere in between those two extremes. With that being said, Eve Online continues plugging away and this February we saw the infamous title release its new Valentine’s Day update along with a host of re-balancing tweaks and fixes that’ll leave half of their fans happy and the other half annoyed.

Let’s start off by talking about the Valentine’s Day event: Guardians Gala. Fans who have been playing Eve will recognize the game from last Valentine’s Day and they’ll be pretty much expecting the same experience. During the time that this event is live, players will be able to track down gatherings of NPC’s throughout New Eden in order to crash their party and reap some rewards. The fights are easy but the rewards are worth grinding for as you can collect a variety of special ship skins and implants. The event isn’t game-changing but at this point, nothing really is going to be.

The V-Day event update takes a backseat to more functional notes as EVE’s team released their Upwell Structures 2.0 intro and Assault Frigate balancing update. Citadels in the game have been dramatically altered, changing the way that they handle which means that they are stronger on offense, worse on defense, and much more likely to end up as space debris when in low power mode. Defenders in EVE will now be urged to pay attention to their resources while attackers have more of an incentive to take on these massive ships.

There are a host of other technical updates to a variety of different ships and it is well worth booting up the patch notes in order to keep ahead of schedule and in order to know what modifications you need to make going forward.