Securus Technologies Protecting Officers on the Job

The hardest part about being a corrections officers is trying to maintain order while eliminating new threats that arise in the jail. Overcrowded conditions have increased violent episodes in our facility, but add into that mix weapons and drugs the inmates are getting to easily, and you can see how this struggle to maintain order is certainly real. The option to simply add a ton more officers to the workforce is not possible, so we have to rely on different technology to keep order.

The first change to our facility was when we had new full-body scanners installed in the guest center. These scanners help officers to check guests so they are not smuggling in contraband to the inmates. These scanners are also used to ensure inmates are not carrying anything that can hurt a guest or be taken back to their cells. Securus Technologies was the next to step up to help our facility. Their telephone call monitor has changed the way corrections officers are able to hear what the inmates are talking about on their phones. The system runs on autopilot with the help of the LBS software, giving officers the unique chance to be in two places at once.

Securus Technologies has the monitoring units in over 2,456 jails in the country, and the employees of the company work tirelessly to make the world safe. Let’s take a peek as to how things have changed for the better in our prison. Earlier this month we had one problematic inmate asking his grandmother to bring her medication to the jail. He planned on asking her for it at the visitor center, but we confiscated it from her at the gate. If inmates are talking drugs, weapons, or contraband, we get an instant alert and we take even faster action than we have before.


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