Best CPUs for PC gaming 2017

It can be a daunting task getting a good CPU for your gaming PC build, especially with all the options currently in the market. Getting a trusted seller might help you whenever you go to choosing a processor for your PC, but having a little knowledge of what you may not go unrewarded in your hunt. In this article we look at the best affordable quad core you can get out there, the best value for your buck, the best CPU under $100 and of course the all-powerful, no compromise CPU.

Best Quad-Core

Quad-cores are no longer the most efficient build types of CPUs for gaming, with the Octa-core and the 16-core architectures taking the dominant position in the market. However, the quad-cores are still considered decent for performance in gaming, although it might be heartbreaking when assigning it to a 4K video rendering. The Ryzen 3 1200 is the best processor under this category as it fairs pretty well with most HD games and benchmarks.

Best CPU under $100

There is a threshold price for decent gaming processors, but it does not mean it is impossible to own one on a super tight budget. At under $100, you will not find any suitable processors, but clocking at 3.5GHz, the Pentium G4560 sets itself from the bunch.

Best Value for your cash

The AMD Ryzen 5 1600 arguably provides the best value for your money, providing Advanced Multi-Processing for smooth, efficient gaming. It offers real intelligent and is currently the lowest power guzzler running six cores.

Super Processor

The i7 7770k, Clocking at 4.2 GHz redefines gaming and gives excellent VR experience even at 4k resolutions. Rendering is a breeze even for video editing enthusiasts. You are sure to enjoy immersive entertainment, multitasking and meet every command in lightning responsiveness.

From the Super processor i7 to the lower budgeted Pentium, there is a wide range of processors for every need. This variety should not overwhelm anyone, as you can quickly get one that suits your needs.

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